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McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone

Fast food chains often captivate consumers with limited-time menu options that feature unique flavors and combinations, enticing them to return for more delectable treats. McDonald’s Uruguay has recently introduced the KitKat Cone, a delightful dessert that has garnered a wave of interest among customers seeking a scrumptious indulgence. This essay delves into the origins of the KitKat Cone, its popularity in Uruguay, the production process, and the ingredient composition. Moreover, the taste profile and nutritional facts are explored, as well as the current availability and potential expansion plans for this in-demand sweet sensation.

Origin and Popularity

Origin of McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone

The McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone has its origin in the global collaboration between McDonald’s and KitKat, the popular chocolate brand owned by Nestlé. McDonald’s has frequently brought together various food brands and their iconic flavours to create unique dessert offerings to attract a wide range of customers. The partnership between McDonald’s and KitKat led to the introduction of the KitKat Cone in McDonald’s Uruguay, offering a delicious treat that blends the classic taste of soft-serve ice cream and the crispy, chocolaty goodness of a KitKat bar.

Introduction to the Menu

The McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone was introduced to the menu as a limited-time offering in early 2019, in line with McDonald’s strategy of introducing innovative dessert options to keep consumers interested. It debuted alongside other KitKat-themed desserts, such as the KitKat McFlurry and the KitKat Frappé.

The KitKat Cone is made using McDonald’s signature vanilla soft-serve ice cream, which is then topped with pieces of KitKat and drizzled with rich chocolate sauce. The concoction is served in a crispy wafer cone, resulting in a delightful combination of textures and flavors that has proven popular among Uruguayans.

Popularity Among Consumers in Uruguay

The McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone has gained significant popularity among consumers in Uruguay since its introduction. The combination of McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream and KitKat’s crispy, chocolate-covered wafer lends itself to a perfect fusion of flavors, and the easily portable cone format makes it a convenient on-the-go treat for people of all ages.

Various factors have contributed to the popularity of the KitKat Cone in the country, such as its affordable price and the widespread demand for KitKat products in Uruguay. Furthermore, the marketing collaboration between Nestlé and McDonald’s Uruguay, using both companies’ impressive social media reach and promotional strategies, has helped to successfully encourage customer engagement with the product.

Additionally, McDonald’s Uruguay’s strategy of launching the KitKat Cone as a limited-time offering created an increased sense of urgency among consumers, who rushed to try the new dessert option before it was taken off the menu. This limited-time approach is a common tactic used by McDonald’s to generate buzz around its products and boost sales.


The McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone was created through a collaboration between McDonald’s and Nestlé’s KitKat brand, and was introduced as a limited-time menu offering in 2019. Its unique composition, which combines McDonald’s signature soft-serve ice cream with the crispy wafers and chocolate of a KitKat bar, has contributed to its considerable popularity among consumers in Uruguay. With successful marketing efforts and strong demand for both KitKat products and McDonald’s innovative dessert offerings, the KitKat Cone has become a highly sought-after treat on the McDonald’s Uruguay menu.

A picture of a McDonald's Uruguay KitKat Cone - a wafer cone filled with vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with KitKat chocolate pieces and drizzled with chocolate sauce

Production and Ingredients

Production Process

This popular dessert offering, the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone, merges the classic McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream with the iconic KitKat chocolate bar. The production process of this beloved treat involves several stages to ensure the perfect blend and texture that customers love.

  • Initially, the iconic McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream is made using premium-quality milk, cream, and other ingredients. This soft-serve base goes through a carefully controlled churning process to create a smooth, velvety texture. The resulting product is a creamy and light ice cream that serves as the foundation of the KitKat Cone.
  • Subsequently, the KitKat chocolate bars are prepared by breaking them into smaller pieces, making them the ideal size for incorporation into the KitKat Cone. The KitKat pieces are then mixed into the soft-serve ice cream, ensuring an even distribution throughout the dessert.
  • To create the cone, a blend of ingredients is used to form a crisp, crunchy waffle cone that complements the soft, creamy ice cream perfectly. The waffle cone is baked to achieve the ideal texture and taste for the KitKat Cone.
  • Lastly, the McDonald’s ice cream machine dispenses the KitKat-infused soft-serve into the waffle cone, ensuring an even distribution of the KitKat pieces for maximum satisfaction. The result is a delightful combination of McDonald’s creamy soft-serve ice cream and the crunchy, chocolatey goodness of KitKat.
Main Ingredients

The main ingredients of the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone include:

  1. Soft-serve ice cream: The base of the dessert, made of premium-quality milk, cream, and various sweeteners and stabilizers to maintain the smooth, soft texture and taste.
  2. KitKat chocolate: Nestlé’s KitKat chocolate bars, which are made from a combination of milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder, and other ingredients combined to create the classic KitKat taste and crunch.
  3. Waffle cone: A mixture of wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils, and other ingredients is used to create the crisp, flavorful waffle cone that holds the KitKat-infused soft-serve.
Special Components

One of the unique components of the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone is the incorporation of the KitKat chocolate bar directly into the soft-serve ice cream. This provides a perfect mix of creamy ice cream and crunchy, chocolaty bites in each spoonful. Additionally, the use of McDonald’s signature soft-serve ice cream and the waffle cone creates an indulgent, satisfying, and familiar experience for customers.

A picture of the McDonald's Uruguay KitKat Cone, where a waffle cone holds a soft-serve ice cream with KitKat chocolate bar pieces mixed into it.

Taste and Flavor Profile

Taste and Flavour Profile

Following on from the special components, the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone boasts a taste and flavour profile that is sure to please dessert enthusiasts. By combining the creamy and rich taste of McDonald’s classic soft-serve ice cream with the iconic crunch of KitKat chocolate, this delightful treat is created. The smooth vanilla ice cream provides an ideal base which complements the distinct chocolate and wafer flavours of KitKat, ensuring an irresistible harmony of sensations in every bite.

Texture and Mouthfeel

When it comes to texture, the KitKat Cone excels in delivering a delightful contrast between the velvety softness of the ice cream and the crispy, light crunchiness of the KitKat pieces. As the soft-serve ice cream melts in your mouth, the airy wafers and solid chocolate chunks offer a satisfying crunch that adds to the overall experience. The cone itself offers an additional layer of crispiness, making the entire dessert a delightful combination of various textures that enchants the palate.

Combination of Flavors

A significant aspect of the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone’s allure is the way the different flavors work together to create a satisfying and well-rounded dessert. The mild sweetness and subtle vanilla flavor of the ice cream serve as a perfect backdrop for the rich, cocoa-infused taste of KitKat chocolate. The wafer’s slight buttery undertone adds an extra dimension of flavor, making every mouthful an exciting and palate-pleasing experience.

Consumer Satisfaction

From a consumer’s perspective, the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone stands out as a must-try dessert for both fans of McDonald’s soft-serve and KitKat enthusiasts. The seamless blend of flavors and textures is tailored to provide a high level of satisfaction, making it an indulgent and fulfilling treat. Its widespread appeal, stemming from the incorporation of a beloved chocolate brand, is likely to attract a wide range of customers and make it a popular choice in McDonald’s outlets across Uruguay.

Overall Impression

In conclusion, the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone is a scrumptious dessert that expertly combines the classic taste of McDonald’s soft-serve ice cream with the iconic flavours of KitKat chocolate. The varying textures of creamy ice cream, crispy wafers, and crunchy chocolate create an extraordinary experience for the taste buds. This enticing dessert is sure to satisfy a wide range of customers, making it an exceptional addition to the McDonald’s dessert menu in Uruguay.

A McDonald's Uruguay KitKat Cone with the classic soft-serve ice cream and the iconic crunch of KitKat chocolate, creating an irresistible harmony of sensations in every bite.

Nutritional Information and Allergens

Nutritional Information

As a delightful frozen treat, the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone features a fusion of KitKat chocolate pieces and creamy soft serve ice cream, all served in a crispy waffle cone. It offers a delicious and indulgent option for dessert lovers.

Delving into its nutritional information, the KitKat Cone contains approximately 340 calories. This calorie content is broken down as follows:

  • 45 grams of carbohydrates
  • 7 grams of protein
  • 17 grams of total fat

The soft serve ice cream in the KitKat Cone contains saturated fats, contributing to the total fat content. However, the ice cream also contains some essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, owing to the dairy ingredients used.

The KitKat chocolate pieces contribute to the sugar content of the dessert, which is estimated to be around 27 grams. This makes the KitKat Cone a high-sugar food item, and thus, it should be consumed in moderation, particularly for those keeping an eye on their sugar intake.


As with any dessert, several potential allergens are present in the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone. These allergens include:

  • milk
  • wheat
  • gluten
  • soy

Milk – The soft serve ice cream used in the KitKat Cone contains dairy and milk-based ingredients. Individuals with a lactose intolerance or milk allergy should avoid consuming this product.

Wheat – The waffle cone contains wheat, making it unsuitable for those with a wheat allergy or celiac disease, as the gluten content may cause discomfort or allergic reactions.

Gluten – Both the waffle cone and KitKat chocolate pieces contain gluten, which can be problematic for individuals with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Soy – Some ingredients within the KitKat chocolate pieces, such as soy lecithin, can cause allergic reactions in those with soy allergies.


McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone is a delectable and indulgent dessert option that is gaining popularity amongst the general public. Combining the classic McDonald’s soft-serve vanilla ice cream with the crunchy deliciousness of KitKat chocolate, this dessert offers a unique and satisfying treat for customers. As a responsible consumer, it is essential to be aware of the nutritional information and potential allergens present in the product and consider consuming it in moderation due to its relatively high calorie, sugar, and fat content. Pease consult the specific product packaging or inquire at the McDonald’s outlet for the most accurate and up-to-date ingredient and allergen information before consumption.

McDonald's Uruguay KitKat Cone with chocolate pieces and ice cream, in a crispy waffle cone.

Availability and Expansion

Availability of the KitKat Cone in Uruguay

For those interested in experiencing the McDonald’s Uruguay KitKat Cone, you can find this delicious dessert at McDonald’s locations across the country. It features a delightful fusion of vanilla soft-serve ice cream swirled into a cone, topped with crushed pieces of KitKat chocolate and a drizzle of rich, velvety chocolate sauce. As a popular menu item, it attracts both locals and visitors, providing an appealing dessert alternative to traditional McDonald’s dessert offerings. So, whether you live in Uruguay or are visiting the country, be sure to give this delightful treat a try, and remember to enjoy it mindfully as it’s best consumed in moderation.

Expansion Plans to Other Countries

Although the KitKat Cone is currently limited to McDonald’s branches in Uruguay, it is not uncommon for the organization to test out product releases in specific regions before expanding. In the past, McDonald’s has introduced various menu items exclusive to particular countries, which then have gone on to be launched on a larger scale. For example, Japan’s famous Teriyaki Burger eventually became a popular choice in other locations. While there is no official confirmation from McDonald’s about the expansion of the KitKat Cone to other countries, its popularity in Uruguay could prompt the company to examine the potential of introducing the delectable dessert to consumers in other regions.

Future Variations of the Dessert

McDonald’s has a history of exciting menu innovations and variations in response to popular demand and the success of its products. Therefore, it is quite possible that the KitKat Cone could inspire the development of new dessert options in the future. This could include blending KitKat with McFlurry or incorporating other popular chocolate brands within their ice cream lineup.

One potential concept could be the creation of other KitKat-themed desserts, such as a KitKat McFlurry or a KitKat sundae which involves the combination of different flavors of KitKat and ice cream. Additionally, McDonald’s could introduce limited-time seasonal variations of the KitKat Cone, featuring components like mint-chocolate KitKat, orange-chocolate KitKat, or nestling whole KitKat fingers into the cone for a surprise crunch.

Considering the imaginative history of McDonald’s menu items, it will be intriguing to see how the KitKat Cone’s success in Uruguay may impact the brand’s dessert offerings in other locations. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, McDonald’s may explore various possibilities to adapt and expand its dessert range and keep tantalizing the taste buds of consumers worldwide.

A photo of the KitKat Cone, a dessert available at McDonald's locations in Uruguay, consisting of soft-serve vanilla ice cream in a cone, topped with crushed KitKat chocolate pieces and chocolate sauce.

Ultimately, the KitKat Cone has proven to be a stellar addition to McDonald’s Uruguay menu, garnering praise and delight from consumers eager to indulge in a novel dessert experience. Its unique production process, alluring flavors, and tempting textures make it a must-try treat for food aficionados. Though currently only available in Uruguay, the KitKat Cone’s soaring popularity may well pave the way for further expansion to other countries and inspire a myriad of future variations of this irresistible dessert. Only time will tell if McDonald’s continues to innovate and tantalise our taste buds with more delightful creations such as the KitKat Cone.

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