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Biscoff McFlurry Returns to McDonald’s UK

McDonald's UK has announced the return of the much-loved Biscoff McFlurry, slated to be back on the menu later this month. The dessert will be available in two sizes: a full-size option priced at £1.99 and a mini version at £1.59. This move comes after a surge in customer demands since the McFlurry's last appearance, highlighting McDonald's commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Biscoff McFlurry first debuted last June and quickly gained popularity among McDonald's customers in the UK. The unique combination of soft serve ice cream and crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit crumb established it as a legendary dessert option, sparking conversations and requests for its return across various platforms.

By bringing back beloved menu items like the Biscoff McFlurry, McDonald's aims to keep the dining experience exciting and varied for their patrons. The revival of this dessert not only caters to the wishes of countless fans but also adds a nostalgic yet fresh option to their lineup.

Alongside the return of the Biscoff McFlurry, McDonald's is introducing the Biscoff Frappe, priced at £2.99. This new beverage features a vanilla-flavored base blended with Biscoff biscuit crumb and ice, topped with a caramel-flavored cream and an extra sprinkle of Biscoff crumb. The frappe is designed to appeal to both Biscoff enthusiasts and those seeking a refreshing drink option.

Customers have expressed their excitement for the Biscoff Frappe on social media, with one eager Instagram user commenting, "Lotus biscoff FRAPPE I need it now." Another simply exclaimed, "Biscoff frappe!!" These reactions showcase the anticipation surrounding the launch and the loyalty to the Biscoff flavor.

The introduction of the Biscoff Frappe demonstrates McDonald's ability to innovate and create new menu items that align with consumer preferences. By combining elements of a cold beverage and a dessert, the frappe offers a unique experience that complements the Biscoff McFlurry and caters to a wide audience.

As part of McDonald's UK spring menu update, the Galaxy McFlurry will also be reintroduced starting from April 17th. This dessert features soft serve ice cream mixed with Galaxy chocolate pieces and a swirl of Galaxy chocolate sauce. Priced at £1.99 for the standard size and £1.59 for the mini version, the Galaxy McFlurry appeals to chocolate lovers and complements the Biscoff offerings.

The spring menu will also see the return of the Chicken Big Mac, priced at £4.69 for the sandwich alone or £6.49 as part of a meal. This item combines the iconic Big Mac elements with two crispy chicken patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and the signature Big Mac sauce on a sesame seed bun. Its reappearance caters to customers who enjoy chicken as an alternative protein option.

New savory sides and refreshed drink options will also be part of the menu revamp. The Cheese & Herb Melts, consisting of melted mozzarella and Emmental cheeses with an herb coating, will be introduced as an enticing snack or side dish, served with a tomato dip.

The comprehensive menu update, set to launch on April 17th, showcases McDonald's ability to blend classic favorites with new additions. By offering a balance of sweet and savory items, the fast-food chain aims to appeal to a wide range of customers and adapt to evolving consumer trends.

Cheese and Herb Melts from McDonald's UK, featuring melted mozzarella and Emmental cheeses with an herb coating, served in a red cardboard container with a tomato dip on the side
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