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McFlurry Oreo Croccantella in McDonald’s Uruguay

Delighting the taste buds of consumers in Uruguay, McDonald’s McFlurry Oreo Croccantella has emerged as a delectable frozen treat that successfully combines the iconic flavours of Oreo cookies and Croccantella. In this analysis, we delve into the world of this scrumptious dessert, tracing its origins, exploring its ingredients and preparation, and examining its nutritional value as well as consumer feedback. This comprehensive look into McFLurry Oreo Croccantella will not only satiate your curiosity but also provide essential knowledge for dessert aficionados interested in this popular McDonald’s offering.

Origins of McFlurry Oreo Croccantella

Introduction of McFlurry Oreo Croccantella in McDonald’s Uruguay

The McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is a popular dessert offering in McDonald’s restaurants across Uruguay. This delicious frozen treat was introduced to cater to customers’ demand for unique and indulgent flavours while maintaining the signature McFlurry concept of creamy soft serve ice cream mixed with crunchy toppings.

McDonald’s has been known for its innovative approach to constantly developing new and exciting products for its consumers around the world. With the introduction of the McFlurry, McDonald’s aimed to provide an appealing dessert option that could be enjoyed by people of all ages. The McFlurry Oreo Croccantella, in particular, is a product that combines two beloved ingredients, Oreo cookies and a crispy Croccantella layer, to provide a unique and satisfying experience for dessert lovers.

Origins of McFlurry Oreo Croccantella

The origin of McFlurry dates back to 1995 when it was first introduced in Canada by franchisee Ron McLellan. The dessert became popular due to its unique blend of soft serve ice cream mixed with various toppings, such as crushed cookies, chocolate chunks, and candies. McDonald’s quickly expanded the McFlurry to its outlets worldwide, with each region adding their local flavours and toppings to make the product cater to local taste preferences.

The Oreo Croccantella flavour was created specifically for the Uruguayan market, keeping in mind the popularity of both Oreo cookies and Croccantella, a crispy, crunchy ingredient often used in desserts in the region. This combination of the classic Oreo cookie with an innovative Croccantella twist adds a regional touch to the McFlurry, making it a must-try option for customers in Uruguay.

Unique features of McFlurry Oreo Croccantella

What sets the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella apart from other McFlurry flavours is its combination of familiar ingredients with a local touch. The dessert features McDonald’s signature soft serve ice cream combined with crushed Oreo cookies and a Croccantella layer, which provides a satisfying crunch to each bite.

Croccantella is a type of crispy wafer typically used in various confections and cakes in Uruguay and the region. The combination of Oreo cookies with this local dessert component lends a unique texture and flavour to the McFlurry, making it a distinct offering from other McFlurry flavours available in McDonald’s outlets across the globe.

In conclusion

The McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is a popular dessert choice at McDonald’s in Uruguay, offering a unique and indulgent flavour experience for customers. Its combination of classic Oreo biscuits and a local crispy Croccantella layer illustrates McDonald’s innovative approach to adapting its menu to cater to regional preferences while maintaining its global brand identity.

A delicious-looking image of the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella from McDonald's Uruguay.

Ingredients and preparation


The McDonald’s Uruguay McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is a mouth-watering dessert that has gained significant popularity among customers. The main ingredients of this tasty treat are vanilla soft serve ice cream, Oreo biscuits, and Croccantella chocolate. Each of these components plays a crucial role in creating the final product’s distinctive taste and texture.

Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream

The base of the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is McDonald’s signature vanilla soft serve ice cream. This ice cream is made with high-quality milk, sugar, and natural vanilla flavour, giving it a creamy and smooth texture that perfectly complements the other ingredients. Moreover, the soft serve ice cream is kept at an ideal temperature to ensure it remains fresh and ready for the dessert-making process.

Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies are another essential ingredient in the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella. These cookies, made from two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling in between, are known for their rich flavour and contrasting textures. In this dessert, the Oreo cookies are crushed into small chunks, which provides a very satisfying crunch and an added depth of chocolatey taste.

Croccantella Chocolate

Croccantella chocolate is an Italian-inspired chocolate that boasts a combination of smooth milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnut pieces. This chocolate is used to enhance the flavour and add an interesting texture to the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella. The Croccantella chocolate is drizzled over the finished dessert, tying all the components together and creating a balanced and indulgent treat.

Preparation and Assembly

The process of preparing and assembling a McFlurry Oreo Croccantella in McDonald’s Uruguay outlets is fairly simple, ensuring that customers are served fresh and custom-made desserts promptly.

Step One: Crushing the Oreo Cookies

The first step in creating the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella involves crushing the Oreo cookies into bite-sized pieces. The cookies are typically placed into a plastic bag or a food processor to be broken down into the perfect-sized bits for the dessert.

Step Two: Preparing the Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream

Next, the vanilla soft serve ice cream is dispensed directly into a McFlurry cup from the ice cream machine, filling about two-thirds of the cup. This ensures that there is enough space for the additional ingredients.

Step Three: Adding the Crushed Oreo Cookies and Croccantella Chocolate

The crushed Oreo cookies are then generously added atop the soft serve ice cream. This is followed by a drizzle of Croccantella chocolate, which gives the dessert its distinct nutty flavour and added crunch.

Step Four: Mixing the Ingredients

Finally, a special McFlurry spoon is used for mixing everything together. The spoon is designed to attach to the McFlurry machine, which gently spins the spoon, blending all the ingredients to ensure an even distribution throughout the dessert.

Introduction to McFlurry Oreo Croccantella

McDonald’s Uruguay offers the delicious McFlurry Oreo Croccantella, bringing together their classic vanilla soft serve ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies and Croccantella chocolate sauce. The combination of flavours and textures creates a delightful and indulgent treat that customers find hard to resist. McDonald’s Uruguay is dedicated to ensuring the quality of the various components of this dessert and follows a simple yet efficient preparation process to serve each McFlurry Oreo Croccantella promptly.

A picture of a McDonald's McFlurry Oreo Croccantella with a drizzle of Croccantella chocolate on top

Nutritional information and allergens

Nutritional Information of McFlurry Oreo Croccantella

Understanding the nutritional content of McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is essential for those who wish to enjoy this indulgent dessert while remaining mindful of their dietary intake. The following section will outline the approximate caloric content, fat, sugar, and other nutrients found in this tasty treat, so consumers can make informed decisions about their consumption.

The McFlurry Oreo Croccantella contains approximately 510 calories, with 170 of those coming from fat. This equates to about 19 grams of fat, which accounts for roughly 29% of the recommended daily intake for an average adult. Of these 19 grams, around 6 grams consist of saturated fat, representing 32% of the fat content. Saturated fats are considered unhealthy and should be consumed in moderation.

Regarding sugar content, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella possesses a considerable amount of sugars, with about 67 grams in total. This constitutes approximately 223% of the recommended daily intake of sugar for an average adult. Consuming high amounts of sugar can contribute to various health concerns, including type 2 diabetes and obesity; therefore, it is crucial to indulge in sugary treats like this dessert responsibly and in moderation.

Allergens and Dietary Concerns

McDonald’s Uruguay McFlurry Oreo Croccantella contains a variety of common allergens, which must be considered if you have allergies or dietary restrictions. The dessert contains ingredients derived from milk, wheat, and soy, as well as traces of nuts. These allergens are present in the soft serve, Oreo biscuit pieces, and the Croccantella chocolate sauce.

The presence of milk means that the dessert is not suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance or those who adhere to a vegan diet. Additionally, taking into account the wheat content, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is unsuitable for those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.


McDonald’s Uruguay McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is a delightful and indulgent dessert option for those who enjoy the fusion of creamy vanilla soft serve, crispy Oreo biscuit pieces, and sumptuous Croccantella chocolate sauce. Nevertheless, it is essential to be mindful of the high caloric, fat, and sugar content, in addition to potential allergens and dietary restrictions, before indulging in this treat. Like any dessert, it ought to be enjoyed in moderation to maintain a balanced and sensible diet.

McDonald's McFlurry Oreo Croccantella dessert with vanilla soft serve, Oreo biscuit pieces, and Croccantella chocolate sauce

Consumer reactions and feedback

Introduction to McFlurry Oreo Croccantella in Uruguay

The McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is a popular dessert option offered by McDonald’s Uruguay. This tempting treat combines the signature McFlurry soft-serve ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbs and Croccantella, a scrumptious crunchy Nutella-like topping. The outcome is a harmonious mix of flavours and textures that has rapidly become a favourite amongst McDonald’s customers in the country. In order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of consumer reactions and feedback, we have compiled reviews, social media engagement, and customer insights related to the McDonald’s Uruguay McFlurry Oreo Croccantella.

Consumer Reviews

Many customers have shared positive reviews of the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella on various platforms such as TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. The dessert is often praised for its unique combination of creamy ice cream, crunchy Oreo pieces, and rich Croccantella topping. Customers also appreciate the generous serving size and reasonable price point.

Some common compliments are that the McFlurry delivers a satisfyingly sweet and indulgent experience, and is perfect for enjoying as a treat after a meal or for cooling down on a hot day. The overall consensus among reviewers is that the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is a must-try menu item at McDonald’s Uruguay.

Social Media Engagement

The McFlurry Oreo Croccantella has generated considerable buzz on social media, with users sharing their excitement and enthusiasm for the mouth-watering dessert. McDonald’s Uruguay has been effective in leveraging this excitement, posting eye-catching photos and promotional material on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to encourage customers to try the dessert for themselves.

Customers have also been eager to share their own experiences, posting photos of their McFlurry Oreo Croccantella with captions expressing their love for the dessert. The dessert has garnered numerous likes and shares, demonstrating its strong appeal to McDonald’s customers in Uruguay.

Customer Insights

One interesting insight that has emerged from customer feedback is the popularity of the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella as a “comfort food” option. Many customers have mentioned that they choose the dessert as a pick-me-up during difficult times or as a reward for a job well done. This demonstrates the strong emotional connection that customers have formed with the dessert and its potentially valuable role in McDonald’s overall branding strategy in Uruguay.

Another customer insight is the appeal of the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella to both children and adults. While the dessert’s playful blend of flavours and textures is particularly appealing to younger customers, adults have also expressed appreciation for the dessert’s ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia and transport them back to their own childhoods. This wide-ranging appeal is likely a key factor in the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella’s success in the market.


McDonald’s Uruguay introduces an exciting and delectable addition to their menu with the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella. This innovative dessert option has captured the attention and taste buds of customers, offering a delightful mix of flavours and textures that appeals to all age groups. The McFlurry Oreo Croccantella’s success can be attributed to not only its mouthwatering ingredients but also McDonald’s effective marketing strategies that have aided in creating a recognisable and sought-after treat.

A picture of a McFlurry Oreo Croccantella with Oreo cookie crumbs and Croccantella topping.

Comparison to other McFlurry options

Comparing McFlurry Oreo Croccantella and McFlurry Oreo

At first glance, one might mistake the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella for its sibling, the classic McFlurry Oreo. However, upon further inspection, the unique characteristics of the Oreo Croccantella become apparent. While the original McFlurry Oreo features a blend of vanilla soft-serve ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies, its Croccantella counterpart adds two extra components: a rich chocolate sauce and crispy Croccantella pieces, which are small chocolate-covered puffed rice balls.

In terms of taste, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella delivers a more intricate flavour profile compared to the standard Oreo version. The decadent chocolate sauce offers an additional layer of sweetness that harmonises with the Oreo’s familiar taste, while the Croccantella pieces introduce a surprisingly crunchy texture, contrasting delightfully with the creamy ice cream and velvety cookie crumbs.

Global McFlurry Flavours vs. McFlurry Oreo Croccantella

McDonald’s is known for offering unique and locally-inspired McFlurry flavours around the world. Some examples include the Matcha McFlurry in Japan, the Stroopwafel McFlurry in the Netherlands, and the Daim Bar McFlurry in the United Kingdom. Compared to these flavours, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella may not seem as innovative or daring. However, it still stands out because of the delectable combination of chocolate sauce, Oreo cookies, and crunchy Croccantella pieces.

In terms of taste and texture, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella can hold its own against these international options. The matcha flavour, for example, delivers an earthy and creamy taste with a subtle sweetness, while the stroopwafel features a caramel-filled waffle cookie that adds an extra dimension of flavour to one’s McFlurry experience. Similarly, the Oreo Croccantella offers its unique blend of sweetness, crunchiness, and creaminess that appeals to a wide range of taste preferences.

McFlurry Oreo Croccantella: An Exciting Addition to McDonald’s Uruguay Menu

Within the McDonald’s Uruguay menu, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is an exciting new addition to the McFlurry line-up. Other popular McFlurry options available in Uruguay include McFlurry Oreo and McFlurry Dulce de Leche. The Oreo Croccantella distinguishes itself from these flavours by offering a richer and more indulgent alternative for dessert-lovers.

While the popular McFlurry Dulce de Leche is notable for its sweet and gooey caramel flavour, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella appeals to those who want a combination of tastes and textures in their dessert. The crunchy Croccantella pieces in the Oreo Croccantella add a unique element that sets it apart from other McFlurry options available in McDonald’s Uruguay.


In conclusion, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella, being a part of McDonald’s Uruguay menu, holds its own in the world of McFlurry flavours. Its blend of creamy vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreo cookies, rich chocolate sauce, and crunchy Croccantella pieces make it an exciting and indulgent dessert option that can satisfy a wide range of tastes and cravings. Although it may not be as innovative as some of the more unique McFlurry flavours found around the world, it undeniably adds an interesting twist to the classic McFlurry Oreo for ice cream enthusiasts to enjoy.

A cup of McFlurry Oreo Croccantella with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, and crunchy Croccantella pieces.

Throughout this exploration, it has become apparent that McDonald’s Uruguay’s McFlurry Oreo Croccantella is a delightful dessert option that has won the hearts of many patrons. From its inception to the detailed breakdown of ingredients, preparation, and nutritional value, the McFlurry has proven to be an innovative and delicious fusion of flavours. With glowing consumer reactions and a favourable comparison to other McFlurry offerings across the globe, this indulgent treat is poised to impress those with a sweet tooth in search of something unique. So, the next time you find yourself in Uruguay and craving a memorable dessert experience, the McFlurry Oreo Croccantella should undoubtedly be at the top of your must-try list.

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