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McDonalds Colombia’s Chocoramo Cone

In Colombia, a fusion of two iconic brands has given rise to an exciting culinary innovation that has become a popular indulgence for many locals. This intriguing creation is none other than the Cono Chocoramo, the brainchild of McDonalds and the widely-beloved Chocoramo. This collaboration not only highlights the cultural significance of Chocoramo as a cherished national treat, but also illustrates the adaptability and commitment of McDonalds to embrace local flavours and preferences while expanding its presence in Colombia’s gastronomic landscape.

History of Chocoramo

Chocoramo – A Colombian Classic

Chocoramo is a widely popular snack in Colombia, known for its delicious chocolate-covered cake. Created in 1978 by the Ramo company, it has grown to be a staple in Colombian households and is often viewed as the unofficial Colombian dessert. Chocoramo’s appeal lies in its simplicity – a moist pound cake covered in a uniform layer of chocolate. Over the years, this iconic treat has evolved to include different flavors and versions.

Collaboration with McDonald’s Colombia

In more recent times, Chocoramo has gained further prominence by collaborating with global brands like McDonald’s. McDonald’s Colombia introduced the Cono Chocoramo, a fusion of the classic Chocoramo cake and a McDonald’s ice cream cone. This collaboration not only expanded Chocoramo’s audience but also brought a novel dessert option for McDonald’s customers in Colombia. The Cono Chocoramo features the signature chocolate-covered cake, served with a swirl of soft serve ice cream, all contained in a crispy cone.

Adaptability and Potential for Growth

This successful partnership between Ramo and McDonald’s demonstrates the adaptability of the Chocoramo brand and its potential for further growth. The familiarity and nostalgia associated with Chocoramo resonate with Colombians, while the creative combination with McDonald’s ice cream cone captures the attention of new fans. The Cono Chocoramo has garnered positive reviews and quickly became a beloved part of McDonald’s Colombian dessert menu, further solidifying Chocoramo’s status as an iconic Colombian treat.

Consistent Quality and Taste

The lasting popularity of Chocoramo can be attributed to its consistent quality and taste, which has remained unchanged since its creation. Ramo’s commitment to producing this beloved dessert using only high-quality ingredients and a traditional recipe has ensured Chocoramo’s continued success. Its evolution from a humble cake to a snack featured in a global fast-food chain highlights the brand’s versatility and ever-growing appeal.

Chocoramo’s Universal Appeal

Despite its roots in Colombia, Chocoramo’s popularity has begun to extend beyond the country’s borders. Given the success of McDonald’s Colombia Cono Chocoramo, it would not be surprising if similar collaborations were explored in other markets in the future. As the fan base for this chocolate-covered cake continues to grow, Chocoramo’s influence reaches far beyond Colombia, demonstrating the universal appeal of this simple, yet delightful treat.

A picture of a chocolate-covered pound cake, with a uniform layer of chocolate on top, served on a white plate with a fork beside it.

Introduction to McDonalds Colombia

McDonald’s in Colombia and the Cono Chocoramo Collaboration

McDonald’s, the American fast food giant, has established a strong presence in Colombia since it first opened its doors in the country in 1995. The company has since expanded rapidly, catering to the local tastes and preferences of Colombian consumers. Today, there are over 75 McDonald’s outlets spread across the nation, serving up a variety of familiar classics alongside unique local offerings, such as the Cono Chocoramo. The success of McDonald’s in Colombia is attributed to its ability to adapt to the local culinary culture while maintaining the global brand identity, making the partnership with Chocoramo a natural fit for both brands.

Adapting to Colombian Culture

The Colombian market has embraced the international presence of McDonald’s, particularly due to its diverse menu options that cater to the taste buds of both locals and visitors alike. One of the key factors contributing to McDonald’s success in Colombia is its strategic collaborations with local brands and businesses. By leveraging on the strengths of these local partners, McDonald’s has managed to create a harmonious balance between globalisation and localisation in its offerings.

The Cono Chocoramo

A prime example of McDonald’s ability to adapt to Colombian culture is the introduction of the “Cono Chocoramo”, a product resulting from an innovative collaboration with another iconic Colombian brand, Ramo. Chocoramo is a popular traditional snack that is essentially a chocolate-coated cake square, widely loved by Colombians. McDonald’s Colombia ingeniously combined the well-loved Chocoramo with its signature soft serve ice cream to create the Cono Chocoramo – an exclusive treat that is only available in McDonald’s Colombia outlets.

The collaboration with Ramo and the launch of Cono Chocoramo have been met with great enthusiasm by the public. Social media was abuzz with excitement when the product was first unveiled, and many locals flocked to McDonald’s outlets to give this unique treat a try. The successful fusion of two popular treats has further cemented McDonald’s reputation for catering to local tastes while staying true to its global identity, ultimately contributing to the growing popularity of the brand in Colombia.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Furthermore, McDonald’s Colombia has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsibility through various initiatives, such as the ‘Casa Ronald McDonald’ programme, which provides temporary accommodation for families with children undergoing medical treatment. By actively engaging in such endeavours and innovating new, culturally significant products like the Cono Chocoramo, McDonald’s continues to strengthen its foothold in the Colombian market. The company’s ability to seamlessly blend international flavours with local culinary delights truly shines in its Colombian operations, and the Cono Chocoramo is a testament to this harmonious fusion.

A photo of the Cono Chocoramo from McDonald's Colombia, featuring a soft serve ice cream cone topped with a chocolate-coated cake square.

Creation of Cono Chocoramo

Innovative Partnership in the Colombian Food Industry

In the vibrant food industry, collaboration often paves the way for innovation. This is exemplified by the intriguing partnership between McDonald’s Colombia and Chocoramo, a prominent Colombian baked goods brand. Aiming to conquer the hearts (and taste buds) of Colombians, these two giants combined their expertise to create the spectacular Cono Chocoramo dessert item. The fusion of McDonald’s globally recognised brand and Chocoramo’s local confectionery prowess has truly been a treat for customers in Colombia.

The Delectable Cono Chocoramo

The Cono Chocoramo is a delightful indulgence that comprises of a Chocoramo cake delicately encased in a McDonald’s ice cream cone. The cake, well-known for its rich chocolate flavour and moist texture, seamlessly complements McDonald’s signature creamy soft-serve. The innovative fusion not only adds an exciting twist to the classic Chocoramo cake but also elevates the McDonald’s ice cream cone to a new level of scrumptiousness.

The Power of Strategic Partnerships

This exceptional collaboration serves as a testament to how strategic partnerships can drive growth and create successful breakthroughs in the food industry. By blending the strengths of both McDonald’s and Chocoramo, the Cono Chocoramo appeals to a wide range of consumers, both local and global. It offers an enticing flavour that resonates with Colombian culture, whilst being accessible and appealing to international visitors in search of something truly unique.

The Importance of Cultural Integration

Furthermore, the Cono Chocoramo showcases the power of integrating local gastronomy into multinational food franchises. This culinary cross-pollination enables companies like McDonald’s to establish deeper connections with their target markets, catering to local tastes and preferences whilst continuing to provide familiar favourites. Such tailored and innovative menu offerings ultimately contribute to a more diverse and inclusive global food culture.

Creativity in the Competitive Food Market

In today’s fiercely competitive food industry, the Cono Chocoramo exemplifies the importance of creativity and cultural integration in producing successful new products. Celebrating a collision of local and global flavours, this inspired delicacy marries a traditional Colombian treat with a beloved international dessert. The Cono Chocoramo not only titillates taste buds but serves as a shining beacon of the potential behind collaborating global and local food enterprises.

A delicious looking Cono Chocoramo, consisting of a Chocoramo cake encased in a McDonald's ice cream cone.

Product Features

Introducing the McDonald’s Colombia Cono Chocoramo

The McDonald’s Colombia Cono Chocoramo is truly a one-of-a-kind dessert that has been thoughtfully tailored for the Colombian market. In an irresistible union, this tantalising treat combines McDonald’s famed soft serve ice cream with the iconic Chocoramo chocolate cake. The outcome is a delectable fusion which aims to delight Colombian taste buds while delivering an unexpected twist.

The Delectable Dessert

This delectable dessert features a crispy waffle cone filled with creamy, velvety vanilla soft serve ice cream. The crown jewel of the Cono Chocoramo is undoubtedly the generous piece of Chocoramo cake that sits atop the ice cream, doubling as a delicious topping and an irresistible invitation to indulge in this treat. Chocoramo is a beloved Colombian snack made by the Ramo company, which consists of a soft, spongy, vanilla flavoured cake covered with a rich and smooth chocolate coating. The familiar taste of Chocoramo enhances the appeal of the Cono Chocoramo, making it a top choice for customers seeking a delightful, yet familiar indulgence.

The Well-Balanced Combination

The well-balanced combination of ingredients in the Cono Chocoramo makes it a delightful treat to enjoy at any time of the day. The sweetness of the vanilla soft serve ice cream melds exquisitely with the lightly moist Chocoramo cake, leaving your taste buds on cloud nine. The semi-sweet, rich chocolate coating of the Chocoramo provides a perfect contrast to the overall sweetness, ensuring a balanced flavour profile that is sure to enchant customers with each bite.

The Thoughtful Packaging

Another distinguishing feature of the Cono Chocoramo is its thoughtful packaging that ensures an enjoyable and mess-free experience. The waffle cone acts as a vessel, supporting the Chocoramo cake and the ice cream, allowing customers to savour each bite without worrying about spills and stains. The unique presentation, coupled with the irresistible taste of McDonald’s soft serve ice cream and the cherished Chocoramo cake, makes this dessert a true stand-out product amongst the plethora of sweet treats available.

A Symbol of Successful Localisation

As McDonald’s continues to innovate and adapt to local markets, products such as the Cono Chocoramo play a vital role in showcasing the brand’s dedication to understanding and catering to the diverse preferences of customers worldwide. With its enticing combination of familiar Colombian flavours and McDonald’s classic soft serve ice cream, the Cono Chocoramo can be seen as a symbol of successful localisation and a true testament to the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into designing an appealing menu for customers in different regions.

A picture of a McDonald's Colombia Cono Chocoramo with a waffle cone filled with vanilla soft serve ice cream and a piece of Chocoramo cake on top, surrounded by a brown chocolate coating

Consumer Reaction

The Fusion of Chocoramo and McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s integration of the traditional Colombian dessert Chocoramo into its menu has sparked a range of reactions among Colombian consumers. This enticing concoction comprises the popular Colombian chocolate-covered pound cake, chocoramo, encased in a waffle ice cream cone. This dessert collaboration demonstrates McDonald’s commitment to tailoring its offerings to suit the tastes of local consumers, eliciting both excitement and skepticism amongst the Colombian population.

Enthusiasm towards the fusion

Many consumers have expressed their enthusiasm towards this fusion of tradition and fast food on social media, praising McDonald’s for incorporating local flavors into their menu. Fans of chocoramo appreciate being able to enjoy their favorite treat from a well-established chain, while others consider the cono chocoramo as an innovative way to experience the classic Colombian dessert. Furthermore, some Colombian consumers see this partnership between McDonald’s and Ramses, the company behind chocoramo, as a demonstration of their sensitivity towards local culture and a commitment to supporting the Colombian economy.

Concerns and criticisms

However, not everyone shares the same excitement and enthusiasm for McDonald’s cono chocoramo. Some consumers argue that the fast-food giant is attempting to exploit the traditional values by turning a well-loved dessert into a mass-produced product. They argue that this move could potentially undermine the authenticity of chocoramo and dilute its cultural significance. Moreover, concerns about the nutritional value and the potential negative impact on public health have also been raised, given the dessert’s high caloric and sugar content.

Neutral perspective

In contrast, there are also those who remain neutral and approach this novel dessert combination with curiosity, considering it as merely another addition to the extensive list of McDonald’s menu options. It is not uncommon for multinational chains to adapt their offerings to cater to local tastes, and McDonald’s has been embracing this strategy in various markets globally. The cono chocoramo can be seen as a testament to the company’s continuous efforts in understanding and appealing to the diverse preferences of its consumers.

The Complex Relationship between Global Fast-Food Chains and Local Traditions

Ultimately, the varying opinions and reactions of Colombian consumers towards McDonald’s Colombia Cono Chocoramo highlight the complex relationship between global fast-food chains and local traditions. As the market becomes increasingly saturated, brands like McDonald’s must remain innovative and adaptable to stay relevant amidst ever-changing consumer preferences. In time, it remains to be seen if this fusion dessert will prove to be a successful venture that brings Colombians together or a fleeting trend that fizzles out.

A close-up image of a McDonald's ice-cream cone with chocoramo cake inside, showing the chocolate-covered cake oozing out of the top of the cone.

Impact on McDonalds Colombia

McDonald’s Colombia’s Innovative Approach to Local Markets

In recent years, McDonald’s Colombia has taken a unique approach to catering to local markets by incorporating well-known and desired local flavours into their menu. A prime example of this is their decision to collaborate with Chocoramo, one of the most popular snack brands in Colombia, to create the beloved ‘Cono Chocoramo’.

By offering this new dessert option, McDonald’s Colombia has effectively boosted its sales and significantly expanded its customer base in the region, demonstrating the power of adapting to local tastes and preferences.

The Benefits of the Cono Chocoramo

The Cono Chocoramo has not only increased revenue for McDonalds Colombia but has also enhanced its reputation among customers by showcasing the company’s commitment to appreciating and integrating local tastes and traditions.

This strategic product alignment with Chocoramo, a widely loved and recognized brand, has certainly helped McDonalds Colombia to resonate with an even broader audience. Furthermore, by staying attuned to consumer preferences, McDonalds Colombia has successfully positioned itself as a brand that listens to its customers, fostering greater consumer loyalty.

The Impact of the Cono Chocoramo Launch

As a result of the Cono Chocoramo launch, McDonalds Colombia has experienced a cascade of positive effects on its operations and brand image. Apart from bolstering sales through increased product demand, it has also propelled the company to pursue additional collaborations and partnerships, exploring new avenues to enrich its menu offerings.

This innovative approach to menu enhancement allows McDonalds Colombia to continually adapt to changing consumer preferences while tapping into diverse market segments.

Learning from McDonalds Colombia’s Success

The Cono Chocoramo has not only proven to be beneficial for McDonalds Colombia but has also served as a case study for other international fast-food chains operating in the region.

These businesses can learn from the success achieved by McDonalds Colombia in creating a local connection with consumers through product diversification and strategically targeted partnerships.

As the Cono Chocoramo exemplifies, regional market adaptations can be key in securing a stronger customer base and fostering enduring brand loyalty.


The Cono Chocoramo has been a game-changer for McDonald’s Colombia, allowing the company to strengthen its market presence and build lasting relationships with customers. The impact of this innovative dessert offering has extended beyond boosting sales figures and has reshaped McDonald’s Colombia’s entire marketing approach to better cater to regional consumer demands. Future collaborations and menu developments will undoubtedly keep McDonald’s Colombia at the forefront of the competitive Colombian fast-food industry.

A photo of a Cono Chocoramo from McDonalds Colombia in a red cone with a chocolate and cream filling, with the McDonalds logo in the background.

Future Possibilities

McDonald’s Colombia Introduces Cono Chocoramo

In partnership with Chocoramo, McDonald’s Colombia has recently introduced the Cono Chocoramo, a dessert item combining the iconic McDonald’s cone with the popular Colombian chocolate snack, Chocoramo. This unique collaboration showcases the potential for global fast food chains to adapt their menus to incorporate local delicacies, appealing to both local and international customers by offering a taste of the host country’s culinary culture. The success of this partnership could prompt McDonald’s to explore similar collaborations in other markets, incorporating regional treats from various countries into their menu offerings.

Power of Collaborations

The introduction of the Cono Chocoramo also demonstrates the power of collaborations between large corporations like McDonald’s and smaller, local brands like Chocoramo. Such collaborations can open new opportunities for both parties, and potentially inspire the creation of new products through combining their respective expertise in the culinary industry. For instance, Chocoramo could leverage its expertise in sweet treats to help McDonald’s further expand its dessert offerings, while McDonald’s global reach could expose Chocoramo to new customer bases.

Expanding Reach

Furthermore, the Cono Chocoramo has the potential to become a sought-after delicacy for international visitors to Colombia, further expanding the reach of the product and potentially making it a staple item on McDonald’s menus in other countries. There is also potential for other fast food chains to follow suit, igniting a trend of incorporating local flavours into well-known global menu items and spurring innovation in the fast food industry.

Ongoing Creativity

In addition to expanding into international markets, the Cono Chocoramo may also inspire McDonald’s and Chocoramo to explore other innovative product offerings, fostering ongoing creativity in their collaboration. As trends in food continue to evolve, both McDonald’s and Chocoramo would be well-advised to create new products that cater to the changing desires of their customers. The partnership behind the Cono Chocoramo offers a unique opportunity for both companies to experiment with new ideas and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fast food and local culinary collaborations.

Regionally-Focused Approach

The potential success of the Cono Chocoramo in Colombia could also encourage McDonald’s to adopt a more regionally-focused approach in other markets, embracing a wide variety of local flavours and ingredients. Such a move would represent a significant shift from the frequently criticised ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach often attributed to global fast food chains, paving the way for a more diverse and culturally rich menu offering. This would not only attract local patrons who may seek tastes of their home country, but also international visitors who are eager to experience new and unique culinary experiences.

A picture of the Cono Chocoramo, the new dessert item introduced by McDonald's Colombia in partnership with Chocoramo, showcasing the adaptation of local delicacies into global fast food menus.

As Cono Chocoramo continues to captivate the taste buds of Colombians with this perfect blend of tradition and innovation, it demonstrates the tremendous potential for larger, global enterprises like McDonalds to create meaningful connections with local markets by celebrating their unique culinary heritage. This singular product has not only bolstered McDonalds Colombia’s standing among its customers but also opened the door for future opportunities to collaborate, diversify, and delight consumers throughout the world.

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