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McDonalds Colombia: Blackberry Peanut Sundae

McDonald’s, a worldwide fast-food giant, has a reputation for adapting its menu to cater to the tastes and preferences of its diverse customer base across different countries. In Colombia, this ingenuity is exemplified by the introduction of the Blackberry Peanut Sundae, a dessert that combines traditional Colombian flavors with the iconic sundae concept.

History of McDonalds in Colombia

The Arrival of McDonald’s in Colombia

The renowned American fast-food chain, McDonald’s, first made its way into the Colombian market back in 1995, marking the beginning of an exciting journey to win the hearts, minds, and tummies of the Colombian population. Originally founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, by Richard and Maurice McDonald, the fast-food giant has since become a global phenomenon, known primarily for its mouth-watering hamburgers and fries, but also offering a range of other delicacies to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Embracing Local Flavors

In Colombia, McDonald’s boldly seized the opportunity to incorporate local flavors and ingredients into its menu, as a means of catering to the native population and endearing itself to the local communities. Embracing the vibrant and unique culinary culture of the South American nation, the fast-food chain developed and introduced offerings such as the Blackberry Peanut Sundae, which represents a clever combination of traditional Colombian tastes and McDonald’s delicious, creamy soft-serve ice cream.

The Blackberry Peanut Sundae

The introduction of the Blackberry Peanut Sundae proved particularly astute, as Colombians adore both blackberries (‘mora’ in Spanish) and peanuts (‘mani’ in Spanish). The country is home to a variety of delicious, peanut-based treats, such as ‘chocoramo con mani’, a peanut-coated chocolate cake, as well as rich, fruity blackberry sauces that are often drizzled over food items to enhance their flavor. By incorporating both the creamy sweetness of blackberries and the crunchy indulgence of peanuts into their sundae offering, McDonald’s successfully carved a niche for itself within the Colombian market, appealing to local taste buds and cementing the fast-food chain’s position as an adaptable and innovative culinary powerhouse.

Success in Colombia

The Blackberry Peanut Sundae is also believed to have contributed to significant growth in McDonald’s sales and profits in Colombia. In fact, the company witnessed impressive growth in Colombia over the past few years, resulting in an increasing number of outlets opening across the country, currently totaling more than 80 operating outlets. This success story can be attributed to the company’s ability to quickly identify and anticipate local preferences, while simultaneously maintaining the quality, consistency, and convenience that McDonald’s is renowned for.

Adapting to Colombian Culture and Tastes

It is evident that McDonald’s success in Colombia has not been based solely on its ability to replicate its offerings in international markets – instead, the company has carefully tailored its menu and marketing efforts to cater to Colombian culture and tastes. The case of McDonald’s Colombia Blackberry Peanut Sundae serves as an excellent example of how an international food chain can successfully integrate itself into local markets by embracing and adapting to the culinary landscape, whilst still maintaining its global appeal and brand identity.

McDonald's storefront in Colombia.

McDonalds’ Unique Menu Items Around the World

Unique McDonald’s Menu Items Around the World

One unique menu item that has been making waves at McDonald’s globally is the Colombia Blackberry Peanut Sundae. This delightful twist on the classic ice cream dessert is a testament to McDonald’s innovative approach in catering to local tastes and preferences. The Blackberry Peanut Sundae combines the sweetness of blackberry sauce with the crunchy saltiness of peanuts, creating a harmonious blend perfect for customers who desire a new experience beyond the traditional McDonald’s desserts.


In Germany, McDonald’s offers the Nürnburger, which consists of three Bratwurst sausages tucked into a bun and topped with crispy onions and mustard. This item pays homage to the German culinary culture known for its variety of sausages. By including this local delight in their menu, McDonald’s Germany allows its customers to experience the rich taste of authentic German food while still enjoying the convenience of fast food.


Moving to Asia, the McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O in Japan is an example of how McDonald’s adapts to local food preferences by creating a shrimp burger. This delectable offering consists of a breaded shrimp patty accompanied by lettuce and a special sauce sandwiched between soft buns. Seafood is a major aspect of Japanese cuisine, and McDonald’s has effectively captured and incorporated this into their unique menu, showcasing how McDonald’s recognizes and caters to the tastes of their customers from different cultural backgrounds.


In India, where most of the population follows a vegetarian diet due to religious beliefs, McDonald’s has introduced several vegetarian options like the McAloo Tikki Burger and Paneer Salsa Wrap to accommodate this preference. This not only demonstrates their adaptability to cater to the local market, but it also highlights the importance of respecting the culture of their customer base.


In Australia, McDonald’s has introduced the McOz burger, showcasing Australian pride by using locally sourced ingredients such as pineapple, beetroot, lettuce, cheese, special sauce, and 100% Aussie beef. This distinctive offering is an appealing option for those who value local cuisine and represents an innovative addition to McDonald’s menu catering to Australian tastes. This demonstrates how McDonald’s can effectively adapt its offerings to meet the diverse demands and preferences of individuals from different regions across the globe.

Various McDonald's menu items from around the world, each representing the uniqueness and diverse tastes of its respective region

Detailed Review of the Blackberry Peanut Sundae

McDonald’s Colombia Blackberry Peanut Sundae Review

Moving on to Colombia, McDonald’s has come up with another innovative dessert option that caters to the local palate. The intriguing McDonalds Colombia Blackberry Peanut Sundae features a smooth and creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream, generously topped with tangy blackberry sauce and crunchy, salty peanuts. The striking combination of flavours and textures has captured the attention of dessert enthusiasts in Colombia, further illustrating McDonald’s ability to adapt its menu to different regions and satisfy customers with unique food experiences.


When it comes to taste, the Blackberry Peanut Sundae does not disappoint. The rich and velvety vanilla ice cream melds effortlessly with the vibrant blackberry sauce, creating a delightful harmony of sweetness and tartness. The addition of the peanuts introduces a pleasing salty note, as well as a satisfying crunch that adds a new dimension to the eating experience. The combination might be unconventional, but the result is a flavoursome dessert that strikes a fine balance between sweet, tangy, and salty notes.


In terms of texture, the Blackberry Peanut Sundae has a lot to offer. While the soft serve has a light and airy quality to it, the blackberry sauce lends a bit of thickness and weight to the dish. The peanuts, in contrast, provide a welcome crunch that breaks up the otherwise predominantly smooth texture. As a whole, the dessert has an interesting and varied mouthfeel that makes it stand out from other sundaes.


Nutritionally, the Blackberry Peanut Sundae is a treat that should be enjoyed in moderation. The dessert is relatively high in calories, sugar, and fat, largely due to the nature of its components. However, it does feature the antioxidant-rich blackberries, providing some redeeming nutritional value. It would be wise for those watching their diet to partake in this dessert sparingly, or perhaps share it with a friend or two.


Compared to other McDonalds sundaes and similar desserts available internationally, the Blackberry Peanut Sundae is a particularly unique offering. While not as widely available as the classic Hot Fudge or Caramel Sundaes, the Blackberry Peanut Sundae represents a delicacy that is quintessentially Colombian in flavour, showcasing the country’s love of blackberries as a key ingredient. For travellers and locals alike, it’s always exciting to indulge in a dessert that isn’t available on every McDonalds menu around the world, making the Blackberry Peanut Sundae that much more special.


In summary, the McDonalds Colombia Blackberry Peanut Sundae proves to be a tempting and flavoursome dessert option that is certainly worth a try. This unusual fusion of ingredients sets it apart from more traditional offerings and highlights a uniquely Colombian touch. Although it may not be the healthiest choice available, it has the potential to become a firm favourite for dessert lovers.

A close-up photo of the Blackberry Peanut Sundae, showing vanilla ice cream topped with blackberry sauce and peanuts.

Ingredients and Preparation of the Sundae

The Blackberry Peanut Sundae

The tantalising Blackberry Peanut Sundae is an appetising dessert option from McDonald’s Colombia, bringing together smooth vanilla soft serve, a delightful blackberry sauce, and a crisp peanut topping to complement each other perfectly.

Source of Ingredients

This delectable combination begins with sourcing the finest ingredients, starting with the blackberries that are native to Colombia. These luscious fruits are known for their sweet and slightly tart flavour, which is why they make the perfect complement to the smooth vanilla soft serve. The blackberries are picked at the peak of their ripeness, ensuring that their natural flavour is preserved in the sauce used in the sundae.

When it comes to the peanuts, McDonald’s Colombia sources them from local Colombian farmers. Peanuts are an important crop in Colombia, with the country boasting an ideal climate for their growth. This allows McDonald’s to support local agriculture while guaranteeing that the peanuts used in their sundaes are of the highest quality. The peanuts are roasted to perfection, providing a delightful crunchy contrast to the velvety texture of the soft serve and the fruity blackberry sauce.


The preparation of the Blackberry Peanut Sundae begins with the vanilla soft serve, which is made using only high-quality dairy products. This ensures the ice cream is smooth, creamy and full of flavour—a trademark of McDonald’s desserts across the globe. To create the sundae, a generous portion of the vanilla soft serve is placed into a dessert cup, ready to be swirled with the delicious blackberry sauce.

The blackberry sauce is made by blending fresh Colombian blackberries, sugar and water together, forming a smooth and rich sauce that perfectly enrobes each scoop of ice cream. This sauce is then generously drizzled over the vanilla soft serve in a swirling motion, ensuring that each bite of the sundae contains a perfect blend of creamy ice cream and fruity sauce.

Finishing Touches

Lastly, a sprinkle of freshly roasted peanuts is added to the top of the sundae, providing a crunchy and savoury element to the dessert. The end result is a harmonious blend of textures and flavours.


The Blackberry Peanut Sundae exemplifies McDonald’s Colombia’s dedication to incorporating fresh, local Colombian ingredients, creating a dessert that is not only scrumptious but also truly distinctive to the region.

A photo of Blackberry Peanut Sundae, McDonald's Colombia's dessert offering that combines vanilla soft serve, blackberry sauce, and roasted peanuts

Customer Reactions and Reviews

Blackberry Peanut Sundae at McDonald’s Colombia

One of the most unique and sought-after desserts on McDonald’s Colombia’s menu is the Blackberry Peanut Sundae, which has become a favourite amongst customers for its remarkable fusion of flavours. The dessert marries the sweetness of blackberry sauce with the crunchy peanuts, providing a singular experience for those who enjoy trying unconventional desserts.

The sundae has garnered positive reviews from the majority of patrons. However, there are some who express concern regarding its nutritional value, arguing that the high sugar and calorie content, in addition to the fat from the nuts, render this an unhealthy choice. This raises concerns for customers looking for more wholesome options when indulging in a treat.

Customer Reviews and Social Media Reactions

Social media platforms have played a crucial role in shaping customer reactions towards the Blackberry Peanut Sundae. Instagram is filled with photos and captions endorsing the dessert’s distinct flavour and enticing presentation. McDonald’s Colombia has also shared the dessert on its official account, contributing to its popularity among users.

Customers’ opinions on the dessert vary greatly, and comparisons with similar products from competing fast-food chains have ignited online discussions. While some praise McDonald’s Colombia for offering something new and exciting, others contend that the dessert’s taste and quality fail to live up to the hype.

Review sites have also been a platform for customers to share their thoughts and experiences about the Blackberry Peanut Sundae. Feedback extends beyond taste to include discussions about value for money and portion sizes. Some patrons claim that the dessert is generously proportioned, while others mention the uneven distribution of nuts.

A bowl of Blackberry Peanut Sundae from McDonald's Colombia topped with peanuts and drizzled with blackberry sauce

Potential Impact on McDonalds’ Future Offerings

Innovation in McDonald’s Colombia Desserts

McDonald’s Colombia’s introduction of the Blackberry Peanut Sundae could potentially pave the way for the fast-food giant to incorporate more innovative and locally-inspired dessert options in their menu, as seen in the public’s response to this concoction.

With its mix of familiar and traditional Colombian flavours, the Blackberry Peanut Sundae presents McDonald’s with the opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors and appeal to local taste preferences by creating innovative desserts.

By incorporating signature local ingredients in their offerings, McDonald’s could further establish itself as a brand that adapts to and celebrates the diversity of cultures and flavours found across the world, perhaps enticing even more customers with their creative menu items.

Impact on the global McDonald’s menu

If the Blackberry Peanut Sundae proves to be a hit among Colombian customers, there might be a knock-on effect across other international branches, leading them to introduce similar locally-inspired creations.

The success of the sundae could inspire McDonald’s to investigate untapped and unique flavour combinations on a wider scale, bringing exciting new twists to their menu and continually evolving their offerings.

They could collaborate with renowned local chefs or conduct extensive market research to find the perfect balance between innovative and authentic flavours that resonate with the customers in other markets.

Health-conscious options

The Blackberry Peanut Sundae could also open avenues for McDonald’s to focus on incorporating healthier ingredients in their future offerings.

With the increasing global emphasis on healthy eating and a growing consumer interest in healthier dessert options, McDonald’s could strategically incorporate fruit-based or other natural ingredients into their desserts to cater to this demand.

In doing so, they can create a niche for themselves in the crowded fast-food space and enhance customer satisfaction by listening to and fulfilling their evolving dietary preferences.

Sustainability and positive impact

In addition to customer satisfaction, introducing more fruit-based or locally sourced dessert ingredients could have a positive impact on the brand’s environmental and social initiatives.

Utilising ingredients that are indigenous to a region aligns with the principles of sustainability by reducing the food transport miles and contributing to the economic growth of the local suppliers.

As McDonald’s increasingly demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, this can positively influence the brand’s overall reputation and public perception.

Diversity and growth opportunities

Ultimately, the potential success of McDonald’s Colombia’s Blackberry Peanut Sundae could offer significant growth opportunities for the brand as they strive to diversify their menu and better cater to each local market.

In doing so, McDonald’s could broaden its appeal to customers around the world, offering a unique and immersive dining experience that truly celebrates international flavours and culinary traditions.

Picture of McDonald's sundae with blackberries and peanuts in a glass bowl with a silver spoon on the side.

The Blackberry Peanut Sundae, an inventive and delectable dessert offering by McDonald’s Colombia, showcases the brand’s dedication to satisfying regional palates whilst maintaining its global appeal. As this treat continues to delight customers, it simultaneously paves the way for further experimentation and potential expansion of similar items within the corporation’s extensive network of international branches. In this ever-evolving world of culinary creations, the Blackberry Peanut Sundae serves as a testament to McDonald’s ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring its place as a beloved and enduring international fast-food institution.

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