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Hi-C Orange Lavaburst

McDonalds Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.


Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is exclusive to McDonalds restaurants in the United States. This orange beverage recently returned to McDonalds in the US due to popular demand from fans. Similar to Fanta, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is a carbonated orange drink with a fruity flavour. The beverage is more artificial tasting and sugary than most orange carbonated beverages.

As the item was only recently relaunched, it is not yet available in every McDonalds store across the US. The product will, at some point, be available nationwide.

How much does Hi-C Orange Lavaburst cost at McDonalds in the US?

A medium Hi-C Orange Lavaburst costs $1.99. Note that prices may vary across the United States and per drink size.

How Long will Hi-C Orange Lavaburst Remain on the Menu in US McDonalds?

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst is not a limited time item at McDonalds and given that it was recently brought back because of popular demand, we’re not expecting this item to leave menus any time in the near future.

Note that the product is being launched across the country but is not yet available in every store.

Nutritional Information (Medium Sized Hi-C Orange Lavaburst)

Further informationPer portion
Calorific value (kcal)230
Fat (g)0
of which saturated fatty acids (g)N/A
Carbohydrates (g)58
of which sugar (g)58
Fibre (g)0
Protein (g)58

Allergens and Dietary Requirements


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