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McDonalds McPatatas.


The McPatatas are exclusive to McDonalds restaurants within Mexico. The dish is an alternative to fries, made up of potato wedges. The wedges are fluffy and feel more substantial and filling than the classic McDonalds fries we all know. The wedges are also seasoned in a slightly spicy Cajun seasoning and are less salty than McDonalds fries.

How much does the McPatatas cost?

The McPatatas costs $3 (USD) or $60 (Mexican pesos).

How Long will the McPatatas Remain on the Menu?

The McPatatas are permanently on menus within McDonalds restaurants in Mexico.

Nutritional Information

Further informationPer portion
Calorific value (kcal)423
Fat (g)9
of which saturated fatty acids (g)2.55
Carbohydrates (g)93
Fibre (g)15
Protein (g)8

Allergens and Dietary Requirements


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