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McDonalds Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger

In recent years, McDonald’s has been continuously innovating its menu to cater to the diverse preferences of its consumers worldwide. A truly appetising example of this is the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger, a creation that not only satisfies one’s taste buds but also reflects the culinary heritage of Portugal. This essay will delve into the origins and unique ingredients of this delicious offering, provide a thorough analysis of its nutritional content, and discuss how it compares to other McDonald’s products in the global market.

Origin and Ingredients of the Burger

Origin of the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger

The Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger is a unique and delectable creation from McDonald’s Portugal. Derived from the Maestro Burger collection introduced in European countries, this particular variant draws its inspiration from the culinary delicacies of Portugal. Introduced to provide an authentic taste of Portugal’s cuisine, this special edition burger is a perfect example of McDonald’s global adaptation strategy, catering to the local taste preferences of its customers.

Ingredients of the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger
Burger Patty

At its core, the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger features a juicy, 100% beef patty cooked to perfection. The meat is sourced from local suppliers, ensuring superior quality and supporting local farmers.


True to its name, the burger showcases a duo of delicious Portuguese cheeses. The first one is a slice of creamy Serra da Estrela cheese, which is renowned for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and smooth taste. The second cheese used is a delightful grilled goat cheese, adding a tangy and distinctive flavor to balance the richness of the Serra da Estrela.


Along with the cheeses, the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger is loaded with a generous portion of traditional Portuguese cured ham, known as presunto. This thin, smoky, and slightly salty ham slices add a savory depth to the burger, perfectly complementing the cheeses and beef.


The burger is then drizzled with a specially crafted cheese sauce that combines the flavors of the two Portuguese cheeses used in the burger, thus further accentuating the cheese profile. The rich and creamy sauce ties all the other elements together harmoniously.


The Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger is encased in a freshly baked, artisan-style bun with a light, crispy crust. The choice of bread adds a subtle, yet essential, texture contrast to the burger, making it a complete gastronomical experience.

Additional Ingredients

To enhance the overall taste and introduce some freshness, the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger is garnished with a handful of crispy lettuce and topped with a couple of sliced tomatoes and onions. These ingredients not only add a burst of color and freshness but also provide a textural balance to the rich and indulgent flavors of the ham, cheeses, and sauce.

In conclusion

The Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger stands as proof of McDonald’s commitment to adapting its menu, catering to local preferences and celebrating regional flavours. Featuring the finest Portuguese ingredients, such as delightful cheeses and cured ham, McDonald’s Portugal has successfully crafted an appetising culinary treat that truly embodies the essence of the country. So, when in Portugal, don’t miss out on this exceptional and delicious creation that awaits you.

A hamburger with a juicy patty topped with Portuguese cheeses, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and sauce on an artisan-style bun

Nutritional Information and Allergens

Nutritional Information

As a popular menu item, the McDonald’s Portugal Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger showcases a unique assortment of flavours and ingredients. This tasty and indulgent burger is loaded with various components that contribute to its overall nutritional value.

Featuring a 100% beef patty adorned with melted cheese, deli-style ham, lettuce and a special cheese sauce, this burger is served on a toasted corn-dusted bun—adding to its distinctive and gratifying taste. Combining beef, ham, and cheese results in a high-calorie and protein-rich meal. The Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger harbours approximately 572 calories, supplying a considerable amount of energy for an average person. However, these values might slightly differ depending on the serving size and exact ingredients used.

With regards to macronutrients, the burger contains a significant amount of fat—about 29 grams per burger. This includes both saturated and unsaturated fats, constituting approximately 46% of the burger’s total calorie content. Boasting an impressive 26 grams of protein, the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger provides essential amino acids that support muscle growth and maintenance. In addition to fat and protein, the burger contains 48 grams of carbohydrates, primarily derived from the bun and cheese sauce, further contributing to the meal’s energy content.

Allergens and Dietary Considerations

As with any fast-food meal, it is crucial for consumers to be aware of potential allergens present in the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger. The most common allergens associated with this burger are gluten, dairy, and soy. The bun contains wheat, which is a source of gluten, while the cheese sauce, ham, and cheese may contain dairy products. Additionally, some components of the meal may contain traces of soy, which is a common allergen.

For individuals who follow specific dietary preferences or requirements, McDonald’s Portugal offers some options to customize the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger. For those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, the beef patty and ham can be removed and replaced with a plant-based option, such as a veggie patty, if available. However, it is important to note that the cheese sauce and cheese slices may still contain dairy products and may not be suitable for a strict vegan diet.

Regarding other dietary restrictions, customers with gluten intolerance or celiac disease may request their burger to be served without the bun, opting for a lettuce wrap instead. This can help minimize the presence of gluten in the meal, although cross-contamination in the kitchen is always a possibility.


The Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger from McDonald’s Portugal is a flavoursome, protein-rich, and indulgent option for those seeking a hearty meal. While it contains a high-calorie count and significant amounts of fat, it also provides essential nutrients such as protein. Consumers should be aware of potential allergens present in this burger, including gluten, dairy, and soy. McDonald’s Portugal offers some customisation options for specific dietary preferences or requirements, but it is advised to consult with a staff member or check their website for detailed information on allergens and available adjustments to the meal.

A burger with a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and ham with cheese sauce, served on a corn-dusted bun

Comparisons to Other McDonald’s Offerings

Comparisons to Other McDonald’s Offerings

The Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger is a unique product offered by McDonald’s in Portugal, providing a delicious and slightly different taste experience for customers in the region. This mouth-watering burger is made with a succulent beef patty, topped with a rich cheese sauce, and layered with slices of Parma ham, making it a premium fast food choice for those looking for something divergent from the classic McDonald’s menu. To fully appreciate this burger’s uniqueness, it is essential to compare it with other similar international products from McDonald’s. Factors such as pricing, size, taste, and popularity among consumers can help in understanding the exclusivity of the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger and its place in the global McDonald’s offerings.

Pricing and Size

When looking at the pricing and size of the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger, the Portuguese offering stands out compared to other McDonald’s burgers. As a premium product, its price point is higher compared to the straightforward options such as the Big Mac, although it remains competitive with other premium burgers like the Signature Collection in the UK. In terms of size, the Maestro burger is satisfyingly large, making sure that customers feel that their money has been well spent on a filling meal.

Taste and Flavor Profile

The taste of the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger is an area where it truly stands apart from other McDonald’s offerings. The combination of a juicy beef patty, creamy cheese sauce, and salty Parma ham creates a unique and delicious flavor profile that cannot be found in products like the Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder. This distinct taste is sure to appeal to customers who are looking for a departure from the typical fast-food flavors, offering a gourmet experience that may cater more to the European palate.

Popularity Among Consumers

In terms of popularity, the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger has gained a loyal following in Portugal, with many customers praising it as a top choice from the McDonald’s menu. The burger’s introduction has led to a positive response among Portuguese consumers, who appreciate the addition of a more upscale option within the fast-food environment. While data on its overall sales and popularity globally is not readily available, it is clear that the Maestro burger has made a positive impact on the Portuguese market and earned a reputation as a delicious and satisfying meal option.


The Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger in McDonald’s Portugal stands apart from other international offerings due to its unique flavor profile, premium pricing, and size. Its distinct taste has gained a positive response from consumers in Portugal, who appreciate the upscale option McDonald’s has provided. By analyzing these factors, it is clear that the Maestro burger has successfully differentiated itself from classic McDonald’s menu items and garnered a loyal following among Portuguese customers.

A delicious-looking Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger with a juicy beef patty, rich cheese sauce, and slices of Parma ham.

Overall, the Maestro Ham & Cheese Sauce Burger stands as a testament to McDonald’s commitment to offering delectable and varied options to their customers. By combining the traditional flavours of Portuguese cuisine with the fast-food formula, this burger has carved its own niche in the McDonald’s menu. As consumers continue to demand more diverse and authentic culinary experiences, it is exciting to anticipate what other innovative creations the future holds for McDonald’s and its ever-evolving menu.

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