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Discover McDonald’s Australia Big Brekkie Burger

For decades, McDonald’s has been a beloved fast-food chain across the globe, and Australia is no exception. With its mouthwatering offerings and quick service, McDonald’s has firmly established itself in the hearts and stomachs of many Australians. Among its wide variety of menu items, the Big Brekkie Burger stands out as a popular breakfast option, encompassing the delectable taste everyone craves in the morning. Discover the journey of McDonald’s in Australia, and immerse yourself in the delightful world of the Big Brekkie Burger as we dive into its making process, unique ingredients, consumer expectations, and how it measures up against other breakfast options from the golden arches.

History of McDonald’s in Australia

Initially arriving in Australia in 1971, McDonald’s constantly adapted and evolved its menu to suit the tastes of the local populace over the years. One of these additions is the Big Brekkie Burger that was introduced in early 2018. This breakfast offering is exclusive to Australian McDonald’s locations and is aimed at satisfying the appetites of hungry Australians with a generous meal in the mornings.The Big Brekkie Burger was inspired by the classic Australian breakfast culture, which often includes such staple items as eggs, bacon, and a beef burger patty. This breakfast option combines these essential elements with a hash brown, a slice of tasty cheese, and a dollop of McDonald’s signature BBQ sauce, all neatly served between two toasted sesame seed buns. With the Big Brekkie Burger, McDonald’s ensures that Aussies can enjoy a hearty, on-the-go breakfast that caters to their culinary preferences.Over the years, McDonald’s Australia has continued to introduce menu items that are tailored to local tastes, not only through the Big Brekkie Burger, but also through other offerings like the McOz burger and Create Your Taste customisation option. These region-specific options are a testament to McDonald’s keen understanding of its market and attention to delivering popular products that cater to the preferences of its patrons. The success of the Big Brekkie Burger further illustrates the appeal of adopting a globally recognised brand’s menu to suit local cultures accurately.Aside from its region-focused menu options, McDonald’s Australia has also been a forerunner in the fast-food chain’s global sustainability efforts. The company has set specific environmental goals, such as reducing packaging materials and greenhouse gas emissions, while working to source local, sustainable ingredients. By pursuing these initiatives, McDonald’s Australia has elevated its reputation beyond merely being a fast-food provider to an environmentally responsible corporate citizen.

McDonald’s Australia’s commitment to innovation and understanding of local tastes has played a significant role in the brand’s longevity and success in the region. The Big Brekkie Burger is a prime example of this strategy, demonstrating how a global fast-food giant can effectively cater to regional preferences while retaining its universal identity. As McDonald’s continues to evolve and grow in Australia, it remains dedicated to creating memorable culinary experiences that cater to the diverse palates of all its customers.

A picture of the Big Brekkie Burger, which consists of a beef burger patty, bacon, egg, hash brown, cheese, and BBQ sauce, served between toasted sesame seed buns.

Overview of Big Brekkie Burger

Introduced by McDonald’s Australia, the Big Brekkie Burger has been gaining popularity amongst fast-food lovers due to its scrumptious combination of ingredients that make for a delightful breakfast meal. Designed to satisfy the taste buds of those who crave a hearty breakfast, the Big Brekkie Burger is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding menu of McDonald’s. With its delicious contents and convenient availability, the Big Brekkie Burger has quickly become a preferred choice for many customers across Australia.


  • 100% Aussie beef patty
  • Crispy bacon
  • Freshly cracked egg
  • Slice of cheese
  • Generous serving of McDonald’s BBQ sauce
  • Hash brown

The combination of all these ingredients results in a mouth-watering fusion of flavours that makes the Big Brekkie Burger so irresistible.

Nutritional Information

According to their website, the burger consists of 798 calories, 43.9 grams of fat (15.8 grams saturated), and 35.2 grams of protein. While it is undeniable that the Big Brekkie Burger is a high-calorie option, it may still be enjoyed occasionally as a garnish to a well-balanced diet.

The Perfect Blend of Flavours

The popularity of the Big Brekkie Burger’s can be attributed to its excellent blend of flavours which mirror a traditional breakfast meal. As a result, customers may now enjoy the taste of a classic breakfast, such as bacon and eggs, in the convenient form of a burger. This adaptability is both practical and enticing for those who are seeking a quick yet delightful breakfast when on-the-go.

The Convenience of Accessibility

Another contributing factor to the Big Brekkie Burger’s growing popularity is its availability through the McDonald’s Australia app. This app enables users to conveniently order and pay for their burger, offering a quick and efficient means of obtaining this appetising treat. With such straightforward access, it’s no surprise that the Big Brekkie Burger continues to gain prominence and win the hearts of food enthusiasts across Australia.

The Big Brekkie Burger, with a beef patty, bacon, egg, cheese, BBQ sauce and hash brown

The Making Process

The Big Brekkie Burger, a sought-after morning delight at McDonald’s Australia, primarily consists of a warm, toasted brioche-style bun filled with a variety of delicious ingredients. The preparation process for this substantial breakfast meal demands careful attention and handling to ensure that each bite offers a perfect balance of taste, texture, and flavour, further enhancing its appeal to customers ordering through the convenient app.

The primary component of the Big Brekkie Burger is a 100% Australian beef patty, which is cooked to perfection on the grill. Cooking time is essential here; the patty is first seared to seal in its natural juices, then cooked at a lower temperature to ensure its finished texture is moist and tender. A generous slice of cheese is then placed on top of the warm patty before being covered by a steaming hot fluffy egg.

Preparing the egg for the burger involves an interesting technique that McDonald’s Australia uses to achieve that iconic round shape. A special cooking ring is placed on a hot grill and the egg is cracked into this mould, ensuring a consistent size and shape. The result is a perfectly cooked egg with a slightly runny yolk, which enhances the overall flavour profile of the burger.

Not to be overlooked are the additional ingredients that contribute to the Big Brekkie Burger’s deliciousness. A few rashers of crispy bacon are cooked to perfection on the grill, adding that much-needed crunch to the mix of textures. Finally, a dollop of BBQ sauce is spread onto the toasted bun to provide the perfect balance of sweet, tangy and smoky flavours.

When it comes to the assembly of the Big Brekkie Burger, every step is crucial to ensure each component complements one another. The toasted brioche-style bun acts as the foundation, with the BBQ sauce spread on the base. Next comes the cheesy beef patty, followed by the round egg and topped with the crispy bacon rashers. With a gentle press of the bun lid, the Big Brekkie Burger achieves its final form – a sumptuous combination of taste and texture, promising a satisfying start to the day.

The Big Brekkie Burger is shown with its toasted brioche-style bun filled with a 100% Australian beef patty, a generous slice of cheese, a steaming hot fluffy egg, a few rashers of crispy bacon, and a dollop of BBQ sauce.

Unique Ingredients and Taste

Moving on to the flavours that make McDonald’s Australia’s Big Brekkie Burger so delightful, the classic Australian beef patty is certainly the star. This mouth-watering beef patty is made from 100% Aussie beef, which is not only tender and juicy but also packed with flavour that will surely tantalise your taste buds. The quality of the beef used in this patty can be attributed to the lush landscapes and fertile pastures of Australia, where cattle are free to roam and graze in a stress-free environment.

In addition to the delicious Australian beef patty, the Big Brekkie Burger also includes a freshly cracked egg, cooked to perfection. The egg is undoubtedly an essential ingredient in this breakfast delight, as it provides a subtle yet satisfying taste contrast to the beef patty. Eggs sourced in Australia are known for their freshness, and their wholesome flavor contributes immensely to the overall taste experience of the Big Brekkie Burger.

Speaking of taste, the Big Brekkie Burger does not disappoint when it comes to its complementary ingredients that make this burger an unforgettable treat. Smoky BBQ sauce is generously slathered onto the beef patty, adding a tangy and delectable element that perfectly complements the juicy meat. Furthermore, a slice of cheese, crispy bacon, and, last but not least, a crunchy hash brown are added to bring the dish together and provide a medley of flavors and textures, ensuring every bite is bursting with satisfaction.

The marriage of all these unique and carefully chosen ingredients, from the Australian beef patty to the smoky BBQ sauce, contributes to the distinct and appealing taste of the Big Brekkie Burger. The different flavors and textures complement each other perfectly, making this McDonald’s Australia offering an instant classic for breakfast enthusiasts and burger lovers alike.

Beyond the kingpin beef patty and perfectly cooked egg, the artisanal sesame seed bun employed in the Big Brekkie Burger is yet another essential component that packs a flavoursome punch. The bun is soft, yet firm enough to hold together the generous serving of ingredients within, maintaining the burger’s structural integrity so that each mouthful is an explosion of delicious Aussie goodness. In short, the Big Brekkie Burger is undoubtedly a masterclass in harmonious flavour combinations, made even better by the use of quality Australian ingredients.

A picture of McDonald's Australia's Big Brekkie Burger with a beef patty, egg, cheese, bacon, hash brown, and BBQ sauce served on a sesame seed bun.

Consumer Reviews and Expectations

Consumer reviews for the McDonald’s Australia Big Brekkie Burger reveal that customers have mixed feelings about the product. Some people express satisfaction, citing the burger as a delicious breakfast option that is both filling and convenient. They appreciate the substantial portions, which include a beef patty, bacon, an egg, cheese, and barbecue sauce, all served on a sesame seed bun. Moreover, the availability of this burger in various McDonald’s Australia branches makes it accessible to a wide range of customers who may be seeking a unique and satisfying breakfast choice. On the other hand, other consumers have reservations about the Big Brekkie Burger, claiming that it can be quite greasy and heavy. There are also concerns regarding its nutritional value, given the high caloric content and generous amounts of sodium and fat found in the ingredients. Some health-conscious consumers would prefer a lighter, more nutritious alternative for breakfast, while others may be deterred by the burger’s richness. As such, McDonald’s Australia may need to consider incorporating healthier options on their breakfast menu to cater to the preferences of these customers. In terms of expectations, some customers expect the Big Brekkie Burger to mirror its promotion image in terms of presentation and quality. However, a number of consumer reviews indicate that the actual burger may not always meet these expectations, with dissatisfaction stemming from discrepancies in portion size, quality of ingredients, and overall presentation. Enhancing quality control measures across McDonald’s Australia branches can help ensure that customers receive a product that closely aligns with their advertised expectations, leading to higher satisfaction levels. The role of social media in influencing consumer perceptions and expectations of the Big Brekkie Burger in Australia cannot be understated. A plethora of photos, reviews, and comments about the burger can easily be found on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Some consumers may form opinions about the product based on these posts before even having the opportunity to try the burger themselves. Social media thus presents both an opportunity and a challenge for McDonald’s Australia. It can serve as an effective promotional tool when positive feedback is shared, but it can also amplify negative experiences and deter potential consumers. Taking into account consumer suggestions, McDonald’s Australia can consider implementing changes to enhance the Big Brekkie Burger experience. This may include offering customisable options to cater to varying dietary preferences, improving the consistency of ingredient quality across locations, and promoting healthier alternatives alongside their existing product range. By addressing concerns and incorporating feedback, McDonald’s has the potential to improve their customer satisfaction and maintain a positive brand image in the context of their Big Brekkie Burger.

A picture of a McDonald's Big Brekkie Burger with a beef patty, bacon, an egg, cheese, barbecue sauce, lettuce and sesame seed bun.

Comparing it with Other McDonald’s Breakfast Options

When examining the McDonald’s Australia Big Brekkie Burger, it is impossible not to draw comparisons with other breakfast offerings from McDonald’s menu, both in Australia and around the world. The Big Brekkie Burger, unique to Australia, consists of a hash brown, rasher of bacon, a slice of melted cheese, a fried egg, and a 100% Aussie beef patty, all topped with BBQ sauce and sandwiched between two sesame seed buns. Although unconventional, this burger stands out with its combination of different breakfast items, offering a unique experience to customers. By contrasting the Big Brekkie Burger to other breakfast offerings, potential consumers can make an informed decision about whether it suits their preferences, while McDonald’s Australia can use the comparison to identify areas where they could improve or diversify their menu options to cater to a wider range of tastes and dietary requirements.McDonald’s Australia also provides several other breakfast options that differ from the Big Brekkie Burger. For instance, the McMuffin range offers a variety of options, such as the Bacon & Egg McMuffin, Sausage & Egg McMuffin, and the Mighty McMuffin, each featuring a combination of bacon, sausage, and egg but presented in a traditional English muffin. While similar in ingredients, the Big Brekkie Burger offers customers a more substantial, full-on meal as opposed to the lighter, more traditional McMuffin choices.Comparing the Big Brekkie Burger to breakfast options from McDonald’s around the world, the differences become even more apparent. In the United States, the menu includes the Sausage Biscuit with Egg, a combination of sausage and egg sandwiched between two buttermilk biscuits. While both the Big Brekkie Burger and the Sausage Biscuit with Egg are hearty breakfast choices, the American option utilises biscuits instead of burger buns, creating a more traditional and home-style experience. Another interesting comparison can be made with the McDonald’s UK menu. Here, customers can try a Breakfast Wrap, which features bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown, and cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla. Important to note is the swap of BBQ sauce for a tomato ketchup in the UK offering. While both the Big Brekkie Burger and the Breakfast Wrap contain almost the same basic ingredients, the differing encasements of sesame buns and tortilla provide a variance in flavour and texture for customers, catering to local tastes.Finally, looking at McDonald’s Japan, a more unique and culture-specific breakfast item is the Mega McMuffin. Consisting of two sausage patties, bacon, egg, and cheese, the absence of hash browns and BBQ sauce clearly distinguishes the Mega McMuffin from the Big Brekkie Burger. Notably, the use of teriyaki sauce in certain breakfast offerings in Japan adds a different flavour profile than what would be found in the Australian menu, further emphasising the distinctive nature of the Big Brekkie Burger.

The McDonald's Australia Big Brekkie Burger - a burger that consists of a hash brown, rasher of bacon, a slice of melted cheese, a fried egg, and a 100% Aussie beef patty, all topped with BBQ sauce and sandwiched between two sesame seed buns.

After exploring the rich history of McDonald’s in Australia as well as the inception and evolution of the appetising Big Brekkie Burger, it becomes clear why this particular menu item has carved its niche among McDonald’s breakfast offerings. From its intriguing combination of Australian ingredients to its scrumptious taste and detailed making process, the Big Brekkie Burger is truly an alluring meal for both residents and visitors alike. Furthermore, by comparing it with other McDonald’s breakfast alternatives, we are reminded of the breadth and diversity within their food portfolio. As the world of fast-food continues to evolve, one can only anticipate what McDonald’s Australia will cook up next to keep its customers enticed and coming back for more.

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