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Israel’s McDonalds Big America Series

The fascinating fusion of cultures and cuisines that defines McDonald’s Israel Big America Series embodies the ever-evolving nature of fast food. This captivating exploration into one of McDonald’s most innovative offerings traverses the history, concept, impact, and cultural adaptations surrounding this unique menu series. Delve into an enthralling journey through the world of fast food in Israel and discover how McDonald’s has skilfully manoeuvred through numerous challenges to create a menu that simultaneously resonates with local tastes and evokes the essence of the American burger experience.

History of McDonald’s Israel

Inception of McDonald’s Israel

In 1993, McDonald’s, the iconic American fast-food chain, made its way to the shores of Israel with the opening of its first branch in the city of Ramat Gan.

The establishment of this restaurant marked the beginning of the McDonald’s Israel Big America Series, which aimed to introduce a taste of America to Israeli consumers.

Initially, the company faced numerous challenges, including the adaptation of its menu and services to suit the diverse cultural and dietary needs of the local population, such as offering kosher and non-kosher branches to cater to religious sensitivities.

Expansion and success

The growth and expansion of McDonald’s in Israel were facilitated by Dr. Omri Padan, the franchisee and co-founder of McDonald’s Israel.

Under Padan’s leadership, the fast-food giant began to establish a strong presence in the Israeli market, winning over customers through its innovative menu offerings, quality ingredients, and adherence to high standards of customer service.

Central to this success was the Big America Series, which saw the introduction of several burger items inspired by American flavours and cooking styles, combining the beloved classic McDonald’s taste with a Middle Eastern twist that proved popular with local diners.

Over the years, McDonald’s Israel has grown to over 180 branches spread across the country, offering a mix of kosher and non-kosher options to cater to the diverse demographic.

Localization and evolution

Apart from its menu offerings, McDonald’s Israel has also made a concerted effort to localize its marketing campaigns, store designs, and promotions, which have resonated well with the Israeli audience.

In line with this, the Big America Series has continued to evolve, occasionally featuring limited-time special burgers that pay homage to various regions in the United States, further expanding the appeal of the franchise among its Israeli patrons.

Impact and sustainability

The impact of the Big America Series on McDonald’s Israel goes beyond the mere introduction of new flavours and menu options.

It has played a critical role in the positioning of McDonald’s as an iconic brand representative of American popular culture within the Israeli market.

This has contributed to the consistent growth and expansion of the brand, enabling it to build a strong connection with local consumers, as evidenced by its enduring popularity and impressive market presence.

One notable development in recent years has been McDonald’s Israel’s commitment to sustainability and health, ensuring environmentally-friendly practices and offering healthier meal options for its customers.

Future of Big America Series

As McDonald’s continues to adapt and innovate within the Israeli market, the future development of the Big America Series remains uncertain. The series, which has become a beloved and quintessential aspect of the McDonald’s dining experience in Israel, is likely to evolve to better cater to the tastes of the local population.

A McDonald's restaurant in Israel with the iconic golden arches on display.

Big America Series Concept

The Big America Series

The Big America Series is a unique concept that McDonald’s has introduced to bring American-inspired menus to various countries around the world, including Israel. This approach not only adds diversity to the culinary experience offered by the fast-food giant but also provides customers with a true taste of the United States. McDonald’s Israel has used the Big America Series to offer a varied menu infused with American classics, specially tailored to suit the preferences of the local population.

Regional Flavors

One of the key features of the Big America Series is the introduction of burgers inspired by specific regions in the United States. For instance, the Texas Burger is a nod to the quintessential flavours found in Southern cuisine, with its crispy onion rings and barbeque sauce, while the California Burger brings a taste of the coastal state with its fresh vegetables and avocado spread. These regional flavours aim to provide McDonald’s customers with an authentic American experience, while also introducing them to lesser-known culinary traditions.

Adapted Menu

Furthermore, the Big America Series ensures that the ingredients used in the dishes cater to the dietary requirements of the local population. As a result, McDonald’s Israel has adapted its menu to adhere to Kosher dietary laws, which are of utmost importance to a significant percentage of its customers. This means that the restaurants do not serve dairy products alongside meat items, leading to distinctive dishes such as the New York Burger, which replaces the typical cheese slice with a unique patty made from fried mushrooms.

Sides, Beverages, and Desserts

Aside from the burgers, the Big America Series also includes a range of sides, beverages, and desserts that encapsulate the essence of American cuisine. In McDonald’s Israel, customers can indulge in dishes such as cornbread, coleslaw, and jumbo-sized soft drinks – all of which are popular in food joints across the United States. Additionally, classic American sweet treats like apple pie and milkshakes are also available.


The Big America Series has proven to be successful in not only paying homage to the origins of McDonald’s but also in capturing the attention of customers who are eager to explore new culinary horizons. By skilfully adapting its offerings to suit the cultural context of each country, the fast-food giant has cemented its position as a global brand that can cater to varying taste preferences. In the case of McDonald’s Israel, this strategic approach has made it possible for customers to delve into the rich tapestry of American gastronomy, while still enjoying the familiar comfort of their local McDonald’s.

The Big America Series logo

Burgers in Big America Series

The Big America Series

Incorporated seamlessly into McDonald’s Israel, the Big America Series offers an innovative spin on the classic American burgers, tailored to cater to the local taste buds whilst preserving the American essence. By blending familiar flavours with a touch of regional taste preferences, McDonald’s Israel has created a culinary experience where customers can enjoy the best of both worlds, enticing them to keep coming back for more.

The Big Texas Burger

With its size being symbolic of the state of Texas, the burger boasts a 150g beef patty, topped with crispy onions, smoked BBQ sauce, pickles, lettuce, and American-style mustard. The entire stack offers a harmonious blend of flavors and textures in every bite, making it a popular choice among customers seeking a hearty American-style meal.

The Big New York Burger

Paying homage to the city that never sleeps, this classic McDonald’s burger comprises a 100% pure beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions. The burger is topped with a special sauce that adds a tangy twist to the classic recipe. The Big New York Burger perfectly reflects the unique gastronomic elements the city has to offer, representing a delicious fusion of American and Israeli flavors.

The Big Miami Burger

A juicy beef patty sets the stage for an exciting array of toppings, including nacho chips, jalapenos, and a dollop of spicy Chipotle sauce. The contrast of the rich, tangy flavors and the crispy texture of the nacho chips create an unforgettable eating experience that begs to be savored during leisurely trips to McDonald’s Israel.

The Big Las Vegas Burger

Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, this burger aims to offer a luxurious dining indulgence. A succulent beef patty is accompanied by a slice of Emmental cheese, onion rings, lettuce, and a generous serving of the special Thousand Island sauce. The combination of flavors and textures in the Big Las Vegas Burger serves as a satisfying ode to the city’s vibrant flavors and iconic culinary scene.

In conclusion

McDonald’s Israel Big America Series offers a remarkable selection of burgers that present the taste of America and its diverse food culture to the Israeli fast-food scene. By incorporating unique flavour combinations and traditional American staples in each burger, McDonald’s successfully showcases a culinary journey through various American cities and regions. The innovative menu attracts burger enthusiasts who crave an authentic American experience, along with those who enjoy exploring new and intriguing dishes.

Burgers from McDonald's Israel's Big America Series

Impact on Israeli Fast-Food market

The Big America Series in Israel

Following on from its success, the McDonald’s Israel Big America Series has had a significant impact on the Israeli fast-food market by introducing a unique menu that caters to local tastes. The line of burgers, inspired by classic American flavours, was introduced in 2011, initially as a limited-time offering. However, it proved to be immensely popular, with Israeli consumers embracing the fusion of American and local flavours. McDonald’s Israel has managed to capitalise on the popularity of American fast-food culture by combining it with Middle Eastern food culture, offering a seamless dining experience attracting locals and tourists alike.

Increased Market Share and Sales

The introduction of the Big America Series has also resulted in increased market share for McDonald’s in Israel. The fast-food giant has more than 180 restaurants in the country and continually expands its customer base. The Big America Series was a significant factor in boosting sales and attracting new customers to McDonalds’ outlets. This unique and flavourful menu has allowed the company to differentiate itself from competitors, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding Israeli fast-food market.

Stimulating Competition

As a result of the Big America Series’ success, McDonald’s has stimulated competition within the Israeli fast-food market. The demand for American flavours has prompted other fast-food chains to follow suit, offering menu items inspired by the United States yet retaining an element of the local cuisine. Consequently, customers have a wider variety of options to choose from, leading to a more competitive environment among fast-food outlets. This trend has further driven the growth of the fast-food market in Israel, with an increasing number of outlets opening across the country.

Consumer Preferences

In addition to its impact on market share and competition, the Big America Series has also influenced Israeli consumer preferences. The popularity of these limited-edition burgers demonstrates the evolving tastes of Israeli consumers, who increasingly appreciate international culinary experiences, such as American fast-food. The success of the Big America Series indicates a shift in Israeli palates, making way for more global flavours on the local fast-food scene.

Adapting to Local Tastes

One reason for the success of the Big America Series in the Israeli market is the willingness of McDonald’s to adapt its offerings to local tastes and preferences. This adaptability, combined with their global brand reputation, allowed McDonald’s Israel to capitalise on the growing demand for American flavours in the fast-food market. Moreover, the high-quality standards maintained across all McDonald’s outlets have contributed to their success in Israel and have resonated with customers who appreciate a consistent and enjoyable fast-food experience.

A picture of a Big America burger with fries and a drink on the side

Cultural Adaptations and Challenges

Cultural Adaptations and McDonald’s Israel

In addition to adapting the menu, McDonald’s Israel ensures that its Big America Series caters to the cultural expectations and dietary restrictions of the local population. For instance, a significant portion of Israelis follow kosher dietary laws, and McDonald’s Israel is mindful of this by ensuring that its meals comply with these regulations. The ingredients used in the Big America Series burgers cater to local tastes, and the products are sourced from reliable kosher-certified suppliers, meeting the expectations of religiously observant Jewish customers.

Burger Series Offers Unique Flavors Catering to Israeli Tastes

In addition to the adaptation in terms of kosher food, McDonald’s Israel has incorporated certain elements in the Big America Series that cater specifically to Israeli tastes. The localised burger series offers a unique blend of flavors that reflect regional culinary preferences. For instance, the use of popular Middle Eastern ingredients such as tahini and spices helps create a distinctive twist on the original American burger recipe, making it more appealing to the local consumers.

Challenges in Marketing to Israeli Audience

Nevertheless, McDonald’s Israel faced challenges in marketing the Big America Series to its audience. One major challenge was the potential backlash from customers who might perceive the chain as promoting American culture at the expense of local traditions and values. To mitigate this issue, McDonald’s Israel has taken a proactive approach in community engagement and emphasising its support for local businesses and suppliers, in addition to emphasising the localised adaptations and the cultural sensitivity of the product lineup.

Another challenge faced by McDonald’s Israel in launching this series revolved around the competition from local food vendors and restaurants. Many Israelis hold strong preferences for traditional and region-specific foods, which has posed difficulties for global fast-food chains such as McDonald’s in capturing a strong market share. To counteract these preferences, the company has invested more in marketing campaigns that highlight the unique aspects of the Big America Series adapted for Israeli customers, emphasising the authenticity and respect for local tastes while maintaining the quality and standard expected from international fast-food chains.

Approaching the Situation with Sensitivity

Lastly, the political climate in Israel has also posed its own unique set of challenges for McDonald’s in introducing the Big America Series. Public sentiment regarding the United States, in general, can sometimes be polarised, with some customers shying away from overtly American branded concepts. McDonald’s Israel has taken care to approach the situation with sensitivity, emphasising the communal aspects of the brand and fostering connections with their target audience. As such, it remains persistent in developing innovative ways to appeal to the local tastes and needs of its customers while retaining the global essence that makes McDonald’s universally recognisable.

McDonald's Israel promoting the Big America series.

Photo by alexanderstartsev on Unsplash

Customer Reviews and Feedback


One of the most prominent aspects of customer feedback about McDonald’s Israel’s Big America Series, which follows their sensitive approach, is the appreciation of the unique flavours and variety it brings to the regular fast-food menu. The Big America Series features specialty burgers designed to emulate classic American flavour combinations, inspired by various regions in the United States. Many customers have expressed their delight in having the chance to taste these American-themed burgers and experience the diversity of American cuisine without travelling.

Nutritional Content

However, not all feedback has been positive, as some customers have criticised the nutritional content, specifically concerning calories and sodium levels, of the Big America Series burgers. Critics argue that these offerings do not promote a healthy lifestyle and could contribute to long-term health issues if consumed regularly. Despite this, it’s essential to bear in mind that the Big America Series is designed as a limited-time promotional offering and not as a mainstay fixture on the McDonald’s Israel menu.

Price Point

Another point which has garnered mixed reactions is the price point of the Big America Series burgers. While some customers found the price affordable and reasonable considering the novelty factor, others considered it elevated, especially given the costs of other McDonald’s menu items. This has led to debates among the clientele about the value for money these speciality burgers represent.

Cultural Relevance

Additionally, the cultural relevance of the Big America Series in Israel has been a topic of discussion among customers. While many appreciate the nod to American cuisine and culture, some patrons question if this promotion perpetuates American cultural imperialism in Israel. This reaction reveals the complex relationship between food and local cultures, and how they influence each other.


Regardless of differing opinions, the Big America Series has undoubtedly generated interest and buzz around McDonald’s Israel, which might be seen as a successful marketing campaign. Whether due to positive or negative reviews, many people have been encouraged to try the Big America Series based on word-of-mouth or curiosity. McDonald’s Israel’s Big America Series has sparked an array of customer reactions, reflecting diverse tastes, preferences, and concerns in the fast-food landscape.

A promotional image of the Big America Series burgers offered at McDonald's Israel

Photo by amir_v_ali on Unsplash

Through diligent analysis of the Big America Series in Israel, it becomes evident that McDonald’s has artfully woven the fabric of American burger culture into the Israeli fast-food tapestry. Not only has the company managed to strike a balance between satisfying local preferences and maintaining its global brand identity, but it also continues to challenge the ebb and flow of trends in the industry. Its ability to adapt, embrace change, and innovate has solidified McDonald’s as a key player in the Israeli market, leaving both customers and competitors eager to see what the future holds for this intrepid fast-food giant.

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