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McAloo Tikki

McDonalds McAloo Tikki.


The McAloo Tikki is a vegetarian burger available only at McDonalds within India. The sandwich is made up of a fried vegetarian patty (of peas, potato and spices) accompanied by slices of tomato and fresh red onion, served between a toasted bun.

This is one of the more popular sandwiches on offer at McDonalds in India as it is available in a vegan option (without the tomato mayo).

How much does the McAloo Tikki cost?

The McAloo Tikki costs 52 rupees, which is roughly 54p(GB) or 63c (US).

How Long will the McAloo Tikki Remain on the Menu?

The McAloo Tikki is a fixed item on offer at McDonalds in India.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional InformationPer Portion%RI (Adult)
Energy (kcal)339.5217% RI*
fat (g)11.3117% RI*
of which saturated (g)4.2719% RI*
carbohydrates (g)50.27not recommended
of which sugar (g)7.05not recommended
protein (g)8.5

Allergens and Dietary Requirements

  1. Gluten
  2. Soya
  3. Milk

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