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Discover McDonald’s China Big Chicken Cutlet

McDonald’s China has always been adept at adopting new and unique culinary experiences for its customers, and the introduction of the Big Chicken Cutlet is no exception. In order to fully appreciate this innovative dish, it is essential to explore its background, ingredients, cultural context, nutritional information, and the overall public response. The Big Chicken Cutlet not only demonstrates the adaptability of the international fast-food giant in catering to local tastes but also highlights the importance of understanding the cultural influences and potential for such a product in the Chinese market.

Background and Launch

McDonald’s Menu Innovations in China

In recent years, McDonald’s has been making significant efforts to expand and innovate their menu offerings in China to cater to the diverse and changing preferences of the local market.

Introducing the Big Chicken Cutlet

One such notable addition to the menu is the Big Chicken Cutlet, a scrumptious and sizeable burger specifically designed for the Chinese market. This burger, which features a huge crispy-fried chicken fillet, was aimed at attracting customers who are fans of fried chicken while also offering them something unique and satisfying in a fast-food setting.

Marketing and Promotion

The Big Chicken Cutlet was officially launched in McDonald’s China in August 2020. As part of their marketing strategy, McDonald’s heavily relied on promotional materials and advertising campaigns to create a buzz around this new and enticing menu item.

Advertisements and promotional materials were showcased across various social media platforms, popular websites, and print media, targeting a wide range of customers, including young adults, office workers, and families.

Emphasizing Size and Flavors

One of the key aspects of the Big Chicken Cutlet’s marketing strategy was its presentation and the focus on its size, as this was a major selling point for the Chinese market. By emphasizing the generously sized chicken fillet and its delicious golden crispiness, McDonald’s intended to tempt customers into trying out this new dish.

Furthermore, they also highlighted the delightful combination of flavors and textures in the Big Chicken Cutlet, such as the crunchy lettuce and the juicy chicken, thus enhancing its appeal to food enthusiasts and fast-food lovers alike.

Pricing Strategies

In addition to the marketing efforts, McDonald’s China also implemented attractive pricing and meal options to draw customers to try the Big Chicken Cutlet. The burger is available as a standalone option, while customers may also opt for combo meals that include fries and a beverage at a discounted price. Such pricing strategies are not uncommon in the fast-food industry and have been proven effective in enticing customers to try new menu items.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

In an effort to further enhance the customer experience, McDonald’s China has focused on improving the overall environment and ambience within its restaurants. This includes incorporating contemporary designs, enhancing the efficiency of their service, and providing free Wi-Fi and charging stations, allowing customers to relax and fully enjoy their meal. Such initiatives, in conjunction with the introduction of innovative menu items like the Big Chicken Cutlet, seek to solidify McDonald’s position in the competitive Chinese fast-food market and attract more patrons to their establishments.

Image of McDonald's Big Chicken Cutlet burger with a sizeable, crispy-fried chicken fillet, lettuce and other fillings in a bun.

Culinary Ingredients and Preparation

The Big Chicken Cutlet

McDonald’s China’s Big Chicken Cutlet has garnered praise for its exquisite taste and mouth-watering appearance. A primary component of this tempting dish is the succulent, expertly seasoned chicken breast fillet, which serves as the cutlet. The fillet undergoes a tenderisation process and is seasoned with a bespoke spice blend, which imparts a savoury, mildly spicy flavour to the cutlet. This unique combination of spices is the secret behind the memorable taste of McDonald’s China Big Chicken Cutlet, further showcasing their commitment to enhancing the customer experience.

The Luscious Batter

An important component of the Big Chicken Cutlet is the luscious batter that coats the fillet. The batter is made using a mix of superior quality flour, eggs, milk and other essential ingredients, all blended to perfection to create a smooth and viscous consistency. The combination of flour, eggs and milk adds an excellent adhesive quality to the batter, which is essential for the even distribution of coating around the chicken fillet. This even coat of batter ensures that every bite of the cutlet is delectably crispy and bursting with flavour.

The Cooking Technique

The cooking technique employed for preparing the Big Chicken Cutlet is deep-frying. This method ensures that the chicken fillet is cooked evenly and gains a golden-brown hue on the outside. The batter, when it comes into contact with the hot oil, quickly turns into a crunchy, golden crust that envelopes the chicken fillet, locking in its natural juices and flavour. The deep-frying process plays a vital role in maintaining the signature crispiness of this McDonald’s China speciality dish.

Generous Seasoning

A well-loved feature of the Big Chicken Cutlet is the generous sprinkling of a seasoning mix on the crispy crust. This seasoning comprises a blend of various spices and herbs that contribute a burst of flavour with each bite. The seasoning plays a pivotal role in making the dish even more appetising, with a remarkable mixture of flavours that truly defines the gustatory experience at McDonald’s China.


Customisation is also a possibility with the Big Chicken Cutlet, offering patrons the opportunity to adapt their meal to their preferences. For those who love an extra kick, adding a dash of hot chilli sauce can elevate the dish to new levels of spiciness and zest. Similarly, the inclusion of tangy barbecue sauce can add another intriguing layer of complexity to this already appetising dish. With such potential variations, the culinary journey of McDonald’s China Big Chicken Cutlet is nothing short of incredible.

Picture of a McDonald's China Big Chicken Cutlet with seasoning and sauce on top.

Cultural Context and Influence

McDonald’s in China: Catering to Local Tastes

McDonald’s, a global fast-food giant, has always managed to curate its menu to cater to local tastes and preferences. In China, a nation renowned for its diverse and unique culinary tradition, McDonald’s introduced the Big Chicken Cutlet, which resonates with local flavours and showcases the brand’s understanding of local taste preferences. The deep-fried breadcrumb-coated chicken fillet is not only delicious but also reflects the rich culinary influences prevalent in China.

The Influence of Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is characterised by a variety of cooking techniques, ingredients, and regional flavours. One method commonly used in Chinese cooking is deep-frying, which has been ingrained in their culinary culture for centuries. This method is used on a variety of ingredients, from vegetables and tofu to a wide range of meats. The influence of this cooking technique can be seen in McDonald’s Big Chicken Cutlet, where the crispy exterior enhances the tender chicken within. McDonald’s has cleverly adapted this popular local cooking method to guarantee the dish’s appeal to Chinese consumers.

The Big Chicken Cutlet also draws inspiration from the famous Taiwanese dish, “XXL Crispy Chicken.” A popular street food in Taiwan, this dish comprises a large, flattened, and marinated boneless chicken cutlet covered in breadcrumbs and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. The immense popularity of this snack in Asia has inspired McDonald’s to create their version of the dish. By incorporating regional flavours, McDonald’s has tapped into the inherently food-loving nature of the Chinese population, winning their hearts and palates.

The Growing Dining-Out Culture in China

One cannot deny the impact of the growing dining-out culture in metropolitan China, particularly among the younger generation. With the increase in disposable income, coupled with the influence of social media, there is an ever-growing appetite for new and exciting dining experiences. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s are cashing in on these cultural shifts by offering innovative menu options like the Big Chicken Cutlet, which cater to these evolving consumer preferences.

Combining Globalisation and Localisation: Clever Marketing Strategy

In addition, McDonald’s clever marketing strategy of combining elements of globalisation and localisation has also contributed to the popularity of the Big Chicken Cutlet in China. By highlighting their international brand image while incorporating products that cater to local flavours, McDonald’s has managed to stay relevant in this competitive market. It is this cultural symbiosis of local Chinese gastronomy and international fast-food cuisine that has made the McDonald’s China Big Chicken Cutlet a popular and successful offering in the region.

McDonald's Big Chicken Cutlet on a red and yellow background with chopsticks and dipping sauce

Nutritional Information and Health Implications

The McDonald’s China Big Chicken Cutlet is a popular fast-food option in China, known for its large size and satisfying taste. However, it is crucial for consumers to be aware of the nutritional information and potential health implications associated with the consumption of this menu item. When looking at the nutritional values of the Big Chicken Cutlet, it is clear that it is high in calories, fat, and sodium, which are important factors to consider when making healthy dietary choices.


Comparing the Big Chicken Cutlet to other items on McDonald’s menu, it is evident that this fast food option may not be the healthiest choice. For instance, the Big Chicken Cutlet contains approximately 450 calories and around 20 grams of fat. Comparatively, a standard McDonald’s Hamburger contains around 250 calories and 8 grams of fat. Likewise, other popular fast food options in China, such as the KFC original recipe chicken or the Pizza Hut Hawaiian pizza, tend to have similar or even lower calorie and fat content compared to the Big Chicken Cutlet.

Sodium Content

Another significant nutritional factor to consider is the sodium content of the Big Chicken Cutlet. High sodium intake is associated with increased risks of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The Big Chicken Cutlet contains about 1000 milligrams of sodium, while the daily recommended intake of sodium for adults is around 1500-2300 milligrams. This indicates that consuming a Big Chicken Cutlet can contribute significantly to an individual’s daily sodium intake, potentially leading to health issues over time if such high sodium consumption becomes routine.

Other Options

Furthermore, considering the nutritional value of other popular fast food options in China, one can notice that some dishes, such as vegetable-based dishes or simple rice and noodle dishes, might offer better nutritional value while still providing an enjoyable meal. These options may be lower in calories, fat, and sodium, making them a more health-conscious choice for consumers. It is crucial for individuals to make informed decisions when it comes to their food choices, and considering the nutritional information of various fast food options can help guide those decisions.


In conclusion, although the McDonald’s China Big Chicken Cutlet provides a tasty and satisfying fast food option, its nutritional values and potential health implications must be taken into account. With a comparatively high calorie, fat, and sodium content, the Big Chicken Cutlet may not be the healthiest choice compared to other menu items, both within McDonald’s and other popular fast food chains in China. By being mindful of the nutritional content of their meal choices, consumers can make healthier decisions and reduce the potential health risks associated with high-calorie, high-fat, and high-sodium diets.

A photo of the McDonald's Big Chicken Cutlet, a large deep-fried piece of breaded chicken in a burger bun with lettuce, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce.

Consumer Opinions and Social Media Response

The Big Chicken Cutlet from McDonald’s China: A Divisive New Menu Item

Upon McDonald’s China introducing the Big Chicken Cutlet, it rapidly became a topic of discussion among consumers on social media platforms and online review sites. While some have praised the new menu item for its unique structure and delicious taste, others have expressed mixed feelings about this latest offering from McDonald’s. The debate surrounding the Big Chicken Cutlet continues to involve people from all walks of life, illustrating the extent of its influence on consumers.

An Innovative Structure

The Big Chicken Cutlet has managed to intrigue customers with its innovative structure—replacing the classic burger bun with two chunks of succulent fried chicken. String together the lettuce, mayonnaise, and cheese sandwiched between these two meaty patties, and you have a culinary creation that appeals to a significant section of the fast-food loving population. Numerous social media posts have raved about the deliciousness of the burger, all the while confessing their surprise at the unusual yet delightful absence of a bun.

Nutritional Concerns

Nonetheless, some consumers have shared concerns over the nutritional value of the Big Chicken Cutlet. As noted in several online reviews, the burger is quite heavy on calories, with the entirety of the cutlet being deep-fried and loaded with mayonnaise. Amid an era where the health-conscious populace is growing, this aspect of the new McDonald’s offering has made some potential customers wary.

Quality and Taste

At the same time, there exists a group of consumers who have ventured into the realm of the Big Chicken Cutlet, only to discover it failed to meet their expectations. A notable number of online reviews have expressed disappointment with the overall taste and quality. Users have cited issues such as the chicken being too greasy, the lettuce not being fresh or crisp enough, and the uneven application of mayonnaise as factors contributing to their less-than-impressed reaction to the menu item.

Pricing Dispute

Moreover, the price of the Big Chicken Cutlet is a contentious topic among customers. While some individuals argue it is justified given the generous portion of chicken involved, others feel the price point is excessive for a fast-food item. A considerable number of social media users have debated this aspect, weighing the larger serving size against the expectation of affordability from a fast-food giant like McDonald’s. Ultimately, the Big Chicken Cutlet’s popularity remains a mixed bag of excitement, appreciation, and criticisms among its consumers.

A photo of the Big Chicken Cutlet from McDonald's China, showing two pieces of fried chicken with lettuce, cheese, and mayonnaise in between, served in a cardboard box with the McDonald's logo.

Ultimately, the Big Chicken Cutlet is a testament to McDonald’s ability to adapt to the diverse tastes of their international customer base, particularly in China, where local preferences substantially differ from Western fare. By examining the dish’s inception, ingredient choices, cultural relevance, nutritional content, and consumer opinions, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to its success. Although there is always room for improvement and innovation, the Big Chicken Cutlet stands as a shining example of how bridging the gap between fast-food culture and traditional Chinese cuisine can result in an item that is both appealing and popular among the target audience.

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